The Colonel has been attacking me every day.

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Meng Shen listened to a thorn in his heart. He suddenly thought of the ladies in Kyoto, whose boudoirs were not as simple as Mengxi's. Maybe he shouldn't have disliked her in his previous life.

Leopold glanced at Rosen. "Go up and call everyone down and ask who else has seen the crabapple." Irene took the flowers. "Isn't that what I gave Rosen in the afternoon?"? It was picked up on the ground when I cleaned it in the morning. There were a lot of them sparsely, but this one was complete. Hearing "cleaning", Gao Qiyang recalled carefully that he was assigned to the simplest cleaning work today because he was given too much anesthetic yesterday. He seemed to find two pink petals while cleaning: ".. At that time, I thought it was just wild flowers, but I didn't think it was crabapple. There are no crabapple trees around here. Red took one look, then shook his head and said, "This is not a crabapple flower. This is a river crabapple. It looks very similar to a crabapple flower. If you compare it carefully, you will find that the river crabapple is a little smaller.". They grow in calm waters and are one of the favorite plants for red-tailed geese. At this point, Rhett looked at Leopold worriedly. "One of the favorite prey of the rhinoceros is the name of the red-tailed goose. Did someone use the river crabapple to attract the red-tailed goose, and then use the red tail goose to attract the rhinoceros to target us?" Leopold nodded his head heavily. "The enemy is dark and we are bright. Next, we should pay more attention. We must not let this happen again." Yan Huai said: "We have taken precautions now, and the other side should not come again in the near future." Leopold: In short, it is right to be cautious. Rosen leaned back with his hands on his shoulders. He looked up and asked,industrial racking systems, "Can't we just take the initiative?"? Since those red-tailed geese are looking for the river crabapple, they can also find the river crabapple that has not been eaten in front of the house, which means that the red-tailed geese have no time to eat all the crabapples on the road under the pursuit of the rhinoceros. We can look for those river crabapples and find the place where the red-tailed geese live. Can we find out where the people who are looking for trouble are? Leopold gave him a white look. "Are you really stupid or not? Do you have to be conspicuous enough to drive the strange beasts around you?" Rhett also said, "The crabapple was cut to pieces. It's not easy to find it. And it will be destroyed quickly. It will probably be withered tomorrow night." Jiang Miao agreed: "Using the river crabapple as bait, apparently the other side wants us to treat this incident as an accident. I think he may come again.". If you are worried,heavy duty cantilever racks, I can find out where the other party is. I have also taught Red how to make the vaccine launcher today, and other launchers can be handed over to him. Leopold looked nervous. "Were you ready this morning?" "No, the vaccine launcher is very simple to make, any mecha division as long as they know the principle, can find out.". I've already done it in front of Red once, and I don't think he'll have a problem. And Jiang Miao lowered his voice, "I'm the only one who can find each other." "So can I." Leopold said. You have something to do, so why rush to do it? There's no danger in this. Can't I do it? Jiang Miao knew that Leopold was worried about himself, but since the appearance of the rhinoceros and the red-tailed goose, his worries were often beyond the normal range, push back racking system ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, and sometimes Jiang Miao would follow him all the way down the stairs. The others left, sitting awkwardly, looking at Leopold and Jiang Miao, hoping that they would end the friendly conversation as soon as possible. In the end, Leopold could not resist Jiang Miao and promised to let her start the investigation tomorrow. The next day, Leopold went out to test the vaccine launcher made by Jiang Miao. They encountered a flock of double-browed finches on the road, and Leopold drove the mecha in front of the finches, firing vaccines. In a few breaths, this group of double-browed sparrows did not fall to the ground, which was considered an injection. The mecha that followed rang out with metallic applause. Rosen: "That's awesome. The bird is not half the size of a fist. It can still be hit from such a long distance." "The launcher has its own sight system, so we don't have to aim at it." Leopold's mecha shook the launcher in his hand. "This thing is very good. Go back and urge yourself to equip it as early as possible." It was two days later that the team was fully equipped with vaccine launchers, and during this period, both their team and other teams have been calm. Leopold, in order to avoid scaremongering, only hinted at the other teams and did not say exactly what had happened to them. Jiang Miao in these two days also specially asked Leopold to tell the progress of a search. The red-tailed goose that broke into the farm must have come from a farm 300 miles upstream, the only one nearby that used to be a red-tailed goose farm. There are very few farms that raise rhinoceros, and the rhinoceros may have come from far away and wandered along the road where the red-tailed geese passed before it was used. Unfortunately, there is still no news of the opponent, Jiang Miao has secretly accessed all the satellites around Bain Star, if the other side has action again, she will be found. When the sad news came the next day, Leopold returned with a sad face. Did something happen? Jiang Miao asked. "Go in," said Leopold wearily. Everyone was crowded in the living room, waiting for Leopold's speech. Leopold lowered his eyes and said slowly, "The Third Fleet has sent a message that a small group of them has also been attacked by strange beasts today." "What kind of attack?"? Is anyone hurt? Yan Huai asked. Leopold shook his head. "I'm not very clear about the details. After a while, Colonel Ye Peisheng of the Third Fleet will come to us." Jiang Miao glanced out of the dark window. "What are you doing here so late?" "After we were attacked by red-tailed geese and rhinoceros, I hinted to the other teams to be careful," Leopold said. Things have happened, Ye Peisheng can not guess what I hinted, he will think I may know something, come to ask me. Ye Peisheng is extremely cautious. He is worried that someone will monitor the communication channel. He would rather go there in person. The farm where Ye Peisheng's team is located is thousands of kilometers away from Leopold,pallet rack shelving, but it takes less than ten minutes to drive the mecha. On this trip, he told no one except Leopold. He came a little alone, and even the players didn't know where he had gone. The author has something to say: Thanks to the landmine of the rabbit who doesn't eat turnips lt (~ 3 ~) gt Chapter 47 the disaster of the strange beast of Bain Star 7.