After Qing Dynasty Wears Xiaomeng: The Overbearing Fourth Master Chases with His Life

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Teng Nianxue got the news and said to Haitang, "Aunt Haitang, my father didn't tell me yesterday. It seems that he was afraid that we would know and wouldn't let them go."

Teng Nianxue got the news and said to Haitang, "Aunt Haitang, my father didn't tell me yesterday. It seems that he was afraid that we would know and wouldn't let them go." "It is said that old people are old children." Begonia said that she was embarrassed immediately, and she was not young. Yes Teng Nianxue does not miss now, as long as his father is happy, willing to play! Teng Wangchuan and Yin Zhen rode in front and said with emotion, "I haven't been out for many years." "Yes, I really miss the old days." Yin Zhen is telling the truth, there is the happiest time in life, for him, is the time when he ran away from home and was with Su Wanchun. Of course, Yin Zhen is also very happy now, but youth is often the most memorable. Su Wanchun sat at the window and looked at the shadow of the wind outside. Her heart was bright. She turned to look at the happy Hong Zhou and said with a smile, "It's your first time to go far. I don't know if you'll be tired after such a long ride in a carriage." "Don't worry, I won't be tired!" Although Hong Zhou was naughty,collapsible bulk containers, he was also very clever and was afraid of being sent back to the capital. Qi Tian pursed his lips and said, "Don't worry, Brother Wu. I won't send you back." Hong Zhou's little adult breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good. I'm also very bored in the palace." The Great Sage said in surprise, "Are you still bored?"? You've almost run all over the palace, and everyone in the palace knows you. "I ran because I was bored!" Very good,collapsible pallet box, Hong Zhou is very good at making excuses for himself. Qi Tian stretched out his hand and pinched Hong Zhou's chin. "Smelly boy, you are four years old now. Next year you will go to the upper study to keep company with your fourth brother." "It's so boring to say." "I have to go even if I'm bored!" Su Wanchun has always been very strict with her children. Hong Zhou nodded: "Well, I will study hard." "Good boy." Su Wanchun was satisfied. Chapter 664 owe diss. Aji took a cake for Hong Zhou and asked Su Wanchun, "Master, where do you want to go this time?" "Go to Huaguo Mountain." Su Wanchun finished and glanced at the Great Sage. Qi Tian pursed his lips and dared not say a word more. The Great Sage shook the fan in his hand and said, "I don't know why, but I'm so excited right now. It seems that there is a kind of return.." "Home!" "My mother has gone too far!" The Great Sage was just joking, but every time he was mercilessly teased by his mother. Su Wanchun reached out her hand and touched the head of the Great Sage. "When you and your sister are 14 or 15 years old, if you want to go out and see the world, Niang will not stop you, but you must be after the age of 14." Children in ancient times were precocious and could not be judged at the age of eighteen. Listen to your mother. Qi Tian and the Great Sage had no objection. Hong Zhou broke off his fingers and calculated, plastic pallet crates ,secondary containment pallet, "My sister is eleven years old, and she will be fourteen years old in three years. How old will I be then?" "Do the math." Hong Zhou fiddled with his fingers and finally hugged Su Wanchun with a crying voice: "Niang, it's so hard to count. I don't know how many I am!" "You are seven years old." Stupid son! "Yes, I'm seven years old, so I'm on the same side as last year's fourth brother!" “……” Su Wanchun. When the four people in the palace learned that the emperor and the queen had gone, they quickly gathered together and held a meeting. They think this is a good opportunity, can not let go! So on the first day of Su Wanchun's departure, the four of them came to the elder brother's place, intending to get close to Teng Nianxue! Teng Nianxue didn't expect them to come over, but there was still some courtesy. He wanted to salute others, but he was stopped by Begonia. What are the four elder brothers doing here? Begonia asked. It's nothing. I just heard that the empress had left the palace and the harem had been handed over to Dafujin. We came over to see if there was anything we could do to help. Fucha said. Begonia replied with a pale complexion, "Don't bother. Dafujin handles it very well, and there are slaves here. There won't be any problems." "Then we won't bother much." The four of them left awkwardly. After Teng Nianxue waited for them to leave, he asked Begonia, "Did they come here just to curry favor with me?" It doesn't matter. They won't come here again. "Begonia can't figure out what the four of them are doing here. Is it embarrassing?"? Teng Nianxue smiled helplessly and said to herself, "If they want me to speak well for them in front of Huang Ama, then they are very wrong!"! When the princes in the capital learned that Yin Zhen and Su Wanchun had made a private visit incognito, they looked sympathetically at the four brothers who were in charge of the country. Civil and military officials naturally did not dare to be presumptuous. They were just visiting incognito, not driving a crane to the west. It wouldn't take long for them to come back. Fucha Yelan also heard about this and said to Nala Dafujin, "Niang, the empress has left the palace, and Dafujin has just been married for a short time. Do we have to go to the palace to have a look? Maybe there is something you need to help. After all, you are the aunt of Da Baylor." As soon as Nala Dafujin heard this, he thought it was reasonable: "They have been married for such a long time. I haven't seen Dafujin carefully yet. I'll pass the sign in a moment. Let's go to the palace tomorrow." "Yes, my mother." Fu Cha Ye Lan was calm on the surface, but his heart was about to die of excitement. Begonia was sorting out the things in the palace, and then he heard Xiao Lizi say, "Nala Dafujin has just handed over the sign, and tomorrow he will go to the palace to see Dafujin." "What's there to see?" Begonia is not happy. Would you like to ask Dafujin? Begonia pondered for a while: "OK, Dafujin's character is too gentle, I have to accompany her, so as not to be pulled around Dafujin." "That's right." Begonia came to the elder brother and told Teng Nianxue about Nala Dafujin: "Dafujin, what do you think of this?" "Anyway, it's the sister-in-law of the emperor's mother. It's not good for me not to see her. If I guess right,collapsible pallet bin, Fucha Yelan will come over tomorrow." Teng Nianxue is gentle, but he is not silly and sweet. He will never show mercy to those who covet his husband. The maidservant went to reply. "I'm sorry to bother Aunt Begonia." "You're welcome!" Begonia left with a smile on her face. Teng Nianxue looked at Vanilla next to her and said to her, "Don't stand all the time. There are no outsiders here. Sit down." 。