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Although I can't figure out why I came to the secular world to open an inn when I was so young and so strong, the fact is that I can't fake it.

Although I can't figure out why I came to the secular world to open an inn when I was so young and so strong, the fact is that I can't fake it. See the river ring like a chicken toward Lin Dong's palm flew past, one by one out of the sword, do not know what to do. In any case, Jiang Huan is their big brother, and is the key to rebuilding the clan, they can not sit idly by, even if they know that they must die. After all, they can live, all is the clan elders desperately sent out, in order to, that is, let them assist the river ring to rebuild the clan. But it happened that they were in the wrong first, and they really didn't have the cheek to attack Lin Dong. Brother, show mercy. I have no choice but to come to the door to save the emergency. Although Liangshan was the one who hated Jiang Huan the most, he was also the one who reacted the fastest. Grasping Jiang Huan's throat, Lin Dong stared at his frightened eyes with a smile and said lightly, "Are you ready?" "Don't, don't kill me, please, don't kill me!" Jiang Huan blushed and begged for mercy in horror: "I,nail manufacturing machine, I was wrong, I was wrong, I am a dog's eye, blind my dog's eye.." Liangshan and others had no face to make a sound. As soon as they were caught, they begged for mercy. They didn't even dare to look at Lin Dong. Mind period five also dare to be arrogant, if the heart goes against period five, still can't turn over the sky? Lin Dong smiled coldly, and his spiritual power gushed out. He wanted to waste the meridians of the river ring. He ran halfway,Nail Making Machine price, but stopped. Brother, brother, spare my life. I don't know Mount Tai. It's all my fault. I deserve to die.. Feeling that Lin Dong's palm was a little loose, Jiang Huan thought that his begging for mercy had played a role, and immediately became more and more humble, and his palm was raised forcefully and fanned toward his face. "Lin Dong's right hand loosened, and with a bang, the river ring fell to the ground." Are you really Zongmen disciples? Lin Dong's eyes swept over the faces of Liangshan and others. Liangshan and others face burning, no one dare to face up to Lin Dong. Not to mention an heir of the clan, even a disciple of the clan would never be so miserable. They have always doubted whether Jiang Huan's practice is in the spiritual array of cultivating strength and mind, otherwise, how can he be infatuated with the flowery capital within a few days of his arrival in the capital? It's my fault, brother, spare my life. It's my fault, brother, wire nail making machine ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, spare my life. Jiang Huan's brain is still good, see the sound of begging for mercy is really useful, know that now is not completely out of danger, the strength of the fan face is also a few minutes heavier, the speed is also obviously accelerated a lot. Kill you? I'm afraid of getting my hands dirty. Get out of here! Remember, it's rolling. Lin Dong shouted. Get out. I'll get out. I'll get out right now. Thank you for sparing my life. Jiang Huan was overjoyed. Although he hated Lin Dong so much that he gnashed his teeth, he also knew that a hero would not suffer immediate losses. He immediately lay down on the ground and rolled up to the gate of the courtyard without missing a word. Liangshan and others look gloomy, this is the heir of the clan that he must use his life to assist? Until the river ring quickly rolled out of the backyard, Liangshan and other people recovered from the disheartened, one by one toward Lin Dong hand, but do not know what to say. If they were told to roll, they would not be able to do so, but if they fought, they would not be able to fight, it seems that they did not. If you can be killed and killed, I'm sorry for the suzerain's instructions. Thousands of brothers of the same school have died in exchange for a life. Want to stay and be a guest? Lin Dong laughed. Liangshan and others looked resentful and handed their hands again. Excuse me for disturbing you. I'll be leaving you. "We are in the wrong about what happened today. Thank you for your understanding." How could a group of people have the face to stay? They gathered all their spiritual power on their legs and flew away. Just let them go. "Aren't you afraid they'll leave the inn?" Asked Yunlan? If we keep them now, maybe we can find out the cause and effect. "Even a loser has high hopes, and I, who can easily strangle their elder brother, can't not move other ideas." Lin Dong smiled and said, "I don't think they will leave like this.". Besides, today is the day you step into the ranks of the top strong, and it's not worth wasting time on this kind of thing. Yun Lan nodded and looked at the wine glass on the table. They walked slowly and sat down on the stone bench again. Lin Dong picked up his glass and said with a smile, "Today is the day when you become the youngest peak strong man in history. I hope that one day, you can become the first person in history to surpass the peak strong man." Yun Lan picked up the glass, touched it, took a sip, shook his head with a smile and said, "I still like you to be the first one." "All right!"! Not even a wife. It's a bit of a shame to get it out. Lin Dong drank it down with a smile. Yun Lan didn't retort either. She opened her mouth and said, "I have successfully stepped into the ranks of the peak strong, which means that I can fuse the nine-order spirit array and the nine-order spirit device. I'm going to refine the first spirit device for you. What kind of one do you want?" "Lingqi." Lin Dongdun hesitated, and in his opinion, the Ruyi stool was not inferior to the existence of any spiritual instrument. Especially with the strength of his nine-fold heart now, with all his strength, the Ruyi stool has been comparable to the power of the nine-order spirit. When he stepped into the ranks of the peak strong, he was confident that he was stronger than the ninth-order spiritual device that fused the ninth-order spiritual array together. Have a piece of armor! Lin Dong thought about it and soon made a decision. There is no doubt that the most important thing for a warrior is weapons, followed by armor. What kind of armor do you want? Asked Yunlan. It should be comfortable to wear, preferably soft armor, preferably very thin, and can be worn as underwear. Otherwise, wearing a piece of armor to go out, winter is good to say, a cotton-padded jacket can also cover the past, summer is somewhat nondescript. Lin Dong said with a smile, "Come again. It's better to embroider a few more words on it. So-and-so gives so-and-so something like that. Don't fill in the name of the older generation.". Finally Have a portrait of you! Yun Lan does not know whether to laugh or cry: "This is the nine-step spirit armor that the sword is hard to hurt. You think it's a cloth, silk and satin, and you can embroider words and draw pictures." "I can't embroider,Nail machine supplier, but I can always write. Don't think I don't know anything. It's easy to fool." Lin Dong said leisurely: "Some special spirit materials are boiled into spirit juice, but it has the effect of congealing but not dispersing, and it will not change for thousands of years." Yun Lan hesitated for a moment and nodded slowly.