Domesticated little wife

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Such a law is naturally intended to guess, how can there be ten thousand strokes in the world, but the old man's

Mantis Shrimp has now grown into an adult horse, tall and slender, even though the color is very common, it does not prevent people from seeing at a glance that he is a good BMW horse. As for Dongzi's white wolf, it was even more so. His coat was glossy and smooth, and Dongzi took care of it as if it was covered with a layer of oil. It was as beautiful as it could be. The two horses stand together like a scenic line, which is very eye-catching. Ning Yue patted the neck of the mantis shrimp and led it out, and people kept greeting them all the way. Yue, Dongzi, are you going to the capital? Yes, Brother Wu, what do you want to bring? Tell us and we'll bring it back to you. "Ha ha ha.." There's nothing to do here. Just remember to bring back a few jars of good wine. "All right, no problem. Keep enough for you to drink!" Brother Wang, what about you? Do you have anything to bring? Me? I'm not good at wine, but I like meat. If you see delicious sauce meat or something, remember to bring me some back. "Yes, but the sauce meat may not be able to be saved. If it's already bad when you bring it back,Thyroid Powder Factory, don't eat it. Otherwise, I don't care if I have a bad stomach." This made all the people around him laugh. The young man surnamed Wang stretched out his hand and rubbed Ning Yue's head: "You smelly boy!" Ning Yue smiled and dodged: "I just combed it, and I have to comb it again if I mess it up. It's very troublesome." "This boy is still so smug!" The crowd was amused by each other, and Ning Yue walked out through the crowd. Cheng Wensong and others were already making final preparations in the courtyard, loading the things they needed to bring into the car and horse, and turning around with a smile when they saw them coming. Is it all packed? Do you have anything else to bring? Ning Yue shook his head and said, "No,D BHB Factory, I just need to take myself with me. You can help me with the other beautiful brothers." Cheng Wensong laughed and asked Dongzi, "What about you?" Dongzi also shook his head: "No, I have already brought what I want to bring." Cheng Wensong nods: "That waits a little while, cover good car we can go." Ning Yue retreated to one side, while Dongzi frowned and asked, "Mantis Shrimp and White Wolf have grown up, and Yue and I can ride horses. Why do we have to bring an empty carriage?" "In case of emergency." Cheng Wensong answered. If Xiao Yue is tired and doesn't want to ride a horse, she can sit in the car and rest. In the past, Dongzi would have rolled his eyes and said something delicate. But these more than two years he has been used to, Wen Yan just oh did not say anything, left to find Ning Yue. In the middle of December, a group of people arrived at the inn on Dongsanpo, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Glucono Delta Lactone, dozens of miles outside the capital. As usual, the rest of the blade and others took a rest here and changed their clothes before setting off for the capital. Although they go to Beijing every year, Ning Yue and Dongzi come here again after three years, and they are as fresh as ever. As soon as she arrived at the Princess Mansion, Ning Yue turned over and dismounted, loosened the reins and rushed to the front of the Princess of Anyang, shouting "Princess Sister". Princess Anyang smiled and hugged her into her arms and pinched her cheek. Little fellow, I've been looking forward to you. I haven't seen you for a few years, and you're getting cuter and cuter. Although Ning Yue has not come to the capital in recent years, he has always had correspondence with the princess of Anyang, and it is very frequent, so even if he has not seen her for many years, he is still very close. Dongzi looked at him and frowned, thinking that he had said to this smelly boy before that the men and women were not close to each other! I just came here and hugged each other again! Does Yue have any sense of the difference between men and women? Even if he didn't, the princess of Anyang should have it, right? He also came forward to say hello to the princess of Anyang, and wanted to take this opportunity to separate the princess of Anyang from Ning Yue. As a result, the princess of Anyang did not hold Ning Yue any more, but held her in her hand, nodded to him perfunctorily, and then pulled Ning Yue away. They talked and laughed hand in hand all the way, and from time to time they got together to whisper something, which was very intimate. Dongzi looked at their back and walked to Cheng Wensong's side. "Brother Cheng, look at them." What does it look like? But Cheng Wensong waved his hand indifferently: "Xiao Yue is still young, and the princess grew up in the desert. There are not so many rules. Let them go." Dongzi opened his mouth in disbelief, but Cheng Wensong was too lazy to talk to him, directing the servants to send Ning Yue's luggage to her yard. "Ha ha ha, did your brother Cheng really say that?" "Really," Ning Yue nodded and said, "that woman should also look like the female dependents of a big family. When she invited the beauty brother to drink in the past, she also asked the servant to bring a post. Maybe she wanted to oppress others." "As a result, the beauty brother ignored it and said that the powder smell on the post was too heavy. He expected that the powder smell on the woman's body would be heavier, and he was afraid of smoking himself." "The servant sent by the woman was so angry that he wanted to pull the beautiful brother over on the spot." "What?!" The princess of Anyang immediately fell out when she heard this. I didn't even use it on him! Who dares to get ahead of me without eyes? Ning Yue:.. The princess of Anyang said that it seemed inappropriate for her to say such a thing in front of such a child, and she smiled shyly. Then what? Did your brother Cheng go? "Of course not!" Ning Yue said, "Big Bear and I are here. How can someone take the beautiful brother away?" "He couldn't do it himself, so the two of us did it. One beat up the two servants, and the other gave them some medicine, which was enough for them to go back and itch for a while." "It's all right if the woman doesn't touch the name post, but if she does,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, she'll have a red and itchy pimple like the servant." The princess of Anyang burst out laughing. "I guess it must be you who was drugged!" Ning Yue nodded and laughed: "I can't help it. I'm still young. Even if I move fast enough, I don't have enough strength. It's not like Big Bear who practiced all his strength at a young age." Even if Ning Yue is a "genius", he may still suffer losses in front of two adult men.