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Meng Shen listened to a thorn in his heart. He suddenly thought of the ladies in Kyoto, whose boudoirs were not as simple as Mengxi's. Maybe he shouldn't have disliked her in his previous life.

Meng Xi is leaving soon. This is the last day in Xianyou Tower. Her brothers, who were very familiar with her, were reluctant to part with her, especially Ye Feiqing. I'm so jealous of your brother. He joked, but he really had a little envy in his heart. If he had such a sister, he would be better. He asked, "Has your brother's illness been cured?" "No." After three times of acupuncture and moxibustion, my brother still couldn't remember anything, and Dr. Chen wouldn't let him go. Ye Feiqing felt sorry for her and gave her advice: "There are many famous doctors in Kyoto. You can try again." "Mmm." Meng Xi thought in his heart that he could not be anxious about this matter. "Let's talk about it when everything is stable after his brother's trial." Elder Martial Brotherther, I can read what you have written now. I will take it to Kyoto and read it carefully. Ye Feiqing was very happy: "Well, if you don't understand, I'll tell you when I come back." Meng Xi nodded. Then he went to say goodbye to Liang Da. Liang Da exhorted, "You can't relax even if you go to Kyoto. If you want to finish your apprenticeship, you have to think of six dishes for me." "The disciple remembers, master." Meng Xi gave him a deep salute. The sky is clear on that day. The old lady and others came out to see him off. Wang said to Meng Fangqing in a low voice, "Ah Xi is really good to Ah Shen. I hope he can pass the examination and repay Ah Xi well when he becomes an official." I'm sure I will. Haven't you seen Ah Shen study hard day and night recently? If we really become an official, our Meng family will also be famous. There are several children in our town who can become an official. That yuan family has a second master, and the Zhou family.. "That's true." Wang imagined, feeling quite excited,teardrop pallet racking, walked quickly to Meng Shen, "Ah Shen, you must take a good test!" "Yes, Ah Shen." The old lady also said, "After spending so much money, you can't fall into the water. Look at Ah Xi cooking for you every day. You have to be promising." The scene was the same as when he went to the examination. At that time, he did not think much of it,push back racking system, but now it was different. He actually had the feeling of a family farewell. Grandma, you can rest assured that I will do my best. He promised. I could hear that he was very confident. Meng Zhu curled his lips and said, "I don't care whether I can pass the exam or not. Anyway, you can't bully Ah Xi and let her do this and that.". She has to come back as soon as she finishes the exam, or I'll come to Kyoto to find her. What does she care? Meng Shen thought, Meng Zhu aimed at him all day long! But she was right, he wanted to bully Meng Xi, but not to do this and that, if possible, he hoped that she would do nothing, as long as she liked him. Come on, it's getting late. The old lady waved her hand at this time. "You have to rent a yard when you go. Don't delay time." "Then let's go, Grandma. Take care of yourself." Meng Xidao. This child, what can I do to my body? "I can live to be a hundred years old." The old woman laughed. "Come on!" It is also true that my grandmother has always been in good health. In her previous life, heavy duty metal racking ,warehouse storage racks, she went before my grandmother, who sent a white-haired man to a black-haired man. The two men said goodbye to the others and walked down the street. "Tell that to Master Chiang." Meng Xi said at this time. No, I have told him before. Meng Shen did not want to see Master Chiang again. During this period of time, he had been beaten a lot under the Master, that is, he had not restored his identity. Otherwise, Master Chiang would have been frightened. He actually beat a Marquis! Just thinking about it, a familiar voice came from the front: "Meng Shen." Meng Shen looked up and saw Master Chiang looking at him with a smile. "Master Chiang," Meng Xi hurried forward to salute, "what a coincidence! I was just about to say goodbye to you with my brother." Really? Master Chiang doesn't believe it. Meng Shen, this boy will come to say goodbye to him! Although he was much more diligent than before, no longer dozed off or distracted, and occasionally asked him some important questions, it was obvious that he did not care about the master, the child was like a wild horse, unruly. Even if he uses the ruler, it will keep him awake at most, but it will never yield to him. "Here you are," said Master Chiang, handing him a book in his hand. "Look at it. It won't do you any harm." Meng Shen took it over and glanced at it. "Really?" "Of course, why else would I send it here?" Master Chiang stared at him. "At least I've been studying here for more than half a year. It's a gift." "Thank you." Meng Shen is also not polite. Without saying any more superfluous words, Master Chiang turned and left. Meng Xi glanced at his foster brother and said, "Don't you say goodbye to him?" "No need." Meng Shen was looking for a carriage with a book in his pocket. "I think Chiang Kai-shek is really good to you. He sent you this book specially. What's written in it? It should be very useful, right?" Meng Shen did not answer directly, but said, "Do you think he is really good to me?"? He's just betting on me with this, and if I win the exam or the emperor's favor in the palace examination, it will be of endless benefit to him, do you understand? Just as he had persuaded Chiang Kai-shek to accept him again, it was all with a purpose. Meng Xi frowned, and his brother's words were not pleasant! Is Master Chiang so selfish? "I think he should also be sincere." After the two of them got into the carriage, Meng Xi said, "I once asked for leave for you. He asked me to cook more delicious food for you to nourish your body." Meng thought to himself, is it to make up for the body that was beaten? "Whether he is sincere or not, I passed the exam anyway, which is his reward." Meng Shen opened the book. Unexpectedly in the car also read a book, Meng Xi consciously did not make a sound again, for fear of disturbing him. But it was so bumpy that Meng Shen soon couldn't stand it and closed the book. What yard do you want to rent later? He asked. It's a single house. I'm afraid the second Kyoto is very expensive, but it's too small to live comfortably. "Just a single house?"? "What about the furniture, or do you want any flowers and trees?" "Flowers and trees, it is best to plant camellias, just at this time, the garden is full of fragrance.". As for the furniture. I think it's enough to have the necessary tables and chairs,automated warehouse systems, just like at home, and there's nothing to put there. Meng Shen listened to a thorn in his heart. He suddenly thought of the ladies in Kyoto, whose boudoirs were not as simple as Mengxi's. Maybe he shouldn't have disliked her in his previous life.