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Original Title: Reaching 20,000 Meters Underground, Wave Drilling Technology Developed by US Company,

"Investigators?"? Can I help you? Now the situation is that the enemy has not shown the slightest hint, even if they are willing to help, what is the need to do their own? "Yes, to be sure, this behind-the-scenes black hand is absolutely a powerful organization, the strength must not be big in the morning, want to break the other side, your strength is essential," Li Anna nodded. "I see. What do I need to do?" Li Yalin knows the seriousness of the matter, it seems that this time he really can not go. "It's just a simple cooperation. When you meet a powerful enemy, it's your turn to fight," Anna replied. "Well, that's settled!" What? Are we not leaving again? Only then did the fire dance wake up from its own fantasy. What was going on? Why don't you go again? How can this be! "I'm sorry for the dancing sister, it seems that the return journey needs to be delayed," Li Yalin's face showed a trace of apology, but this is also a matter of no way. "It's all right, Younger Martial Brother Yalin, I will fully support you." Although I feel all kinds of discomfort in my heart, I don't know that Fire Dance is a woman who doesn't talk about the general situation. She understands that Li Yalin needs support most at this time, so as the woman behind Li Yalin, she naturally won't add to Li Yalin's congestion. Thank you, Sister Dancer. What a good woman. "No, never say thank you to me," the index finger lightly on Li Yalin's face, I do not know the fire dance shook her head, she does not need Li Yalin's thank you, as long as she can do the little behind Li Yalin. Woman, by the way, carry forward the flow of fire, then she is the happiest person in the world. Have a hand! After the unknown fire dance made this action, the girls present all sighed in their hearts that the unknown fire dance was really a strong enemy. If it went on like this, Yalin's heart would be completely tied up by her, and she must work hard! At this moment, all the girls have made up their minds that they will never lose to the fire dance! But Li Yalin's stay let everyone breathe a sigh of relief, at least now there is still a chance, but Li Yalin did not focus on it, he stayed for two reasons, one is to investigate the real murderer behind the Sakazaki incident, the other is to find out the whereabouts of the first and third volumes of Qin's secret biography by the way, which is very important. For the Qin's secret book, Li Yalin did not hide from the girls, perhaps we will have clues. "Qin's secret biography?" Hearing the name, the girls present were stunned. It was the first time they had heard the name, but literally, it should be the secret of Ben Fei's morning school. "This is indeed the case," said Li Yalin, who had carefully read the two volumes of the secret biography given to him by Klausa, which recorded a set of boxing methods called Emperor Boxing, but on the surface, Drive in racking system , it was only a set of ordinary boxing methods. Although it is also good, but at most, it is only equivalent to these secret legends that do not know the flow of fire and the flow of limit, and there is nothing special about it. "It's the first time I've heard of it, but I'll report it to the commander and ask him to send someone to investigate the whereabouts of the other two volumes of the secret biography." After taking a look at Qin's secret biography, Li Anna said decisively. "Well, this is good," Li Yalin nodded in agreement, with Hadilun's means, should be able to find some clues, at this time useful resources must be used. "I will also help to investigate." Not to be outdone, Mary, as a family detective, she is best at collecting all kinds of clues, and when it comes to Li Yalin, she will definitely do her best to help. "Me too" king also has his own intelligence network, and it is not difficult to investigate. "Then please everyone," Li Yalin at this time full of confidence, with everyone's help, I believe this task will soon be completed. "Whoo, only Lou can't help Elder Martial Brother Yalin." Seeing Li, Anna and Mary, they can all bring help to Li Yalin. Li's little mouth was flat, and his eyes were moist. He was too stupid to help Elder Martial Brother Yalin, not to mention bringing trouble to Elder Martial Brother. It was really a failure. "You girl, practice well, sooner or later you will become a great fighter, when the time comes, maybe your brother and I will rely on you." Li Yalin smiled and mou Li's little head, this little girl who makes people love and pity. "Really?"? Hum, I definitely want to be a great master of fighting, stronger than Elder Martial Brother Yalin! Absolutely able to protect Elder Martial Brother Yalin. "Hearing Li Yalin's consolation, Li's spirit suddenly perked up. As long as Ai's strength is strong, he will always be qualified to stand beside Elder Martial Brother Yalin. No, from now on, he must redouble his efforts and become the strongest fighter." By Li's words let everyone can not help but smile, but we also know that by Li has a strong fighter talent, as long as she is willing to work hard, a generation of masters dare not say, but the qualifications of the fighter master will still be there. "Well, I'm waiting for that day." Li Yalin raised his thumb to you Li. He firmly believed that you Li would definitely succeed. In the next period of time, what we do every day is to step up the investigation of Sakazaki pondering time behind the scenes and the whereabouts of Qin's secret book, but the other side's hidden worries, every time after finding some clues, always at the critical time inexplicably interrupted, so that we can not help but start to get frustrated. But just when everyone was disappointed, things began to turn around, and it all started with two investigators sent from headquarters. "Hello, we are the investigator in charge of this incident, and my name is Seth." The first speaker was a tall black man, with a white sè shirt and a black sè siku with braces, a purple sè tie around his neck, a beard on his face, and only a clump of hair on his head was dyed white. This dress is still very much like the sergeant of a police station, or the personal wall of a certain senior official. omracking.com