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They sat side by side on a fallen willow trunk. Grant stared at the slow progress of the salvage work, and Rogers looked out over the wide flat land of the valley. "The river floods here in the winter," he said. But its scenery is quite fascinating,Teardrop Pallet Racking, as l

"Scrambled eggs?"? "Marta said happily," I've never done it. In this way, won't our relationship be closer? Except for your housekeeper. I'm afraid I'm the only woman alive who knows you like these eggs, aren't I? ” I confessed it to a woman who lived in a village near Amyns. But I doubt if she remembers it. "Maybe she made a windfall out of it.". Angelus eggnog has taken on a whole new meaning in France today. Do you want brown bread or white bread? ” Brown bread, please. Looks like I owe you the phone bill again. He picked up the phone again and dialed Williams' home number in London. While he was waiting for the phone to be connected, he also called Cui Ning Manor and asked the person who answered the phone to ask the housekeeper to come and answer the phone. As Mrs. Brett gasped for the receiver, he asked Mrs. Brett who, by custom, usually cleaned up the shoes at Trining Manor, and she replied that it was Polly who was in charge of the kitchen. Please ask Polly if Mr. Seal has a habit of taking off his shoes before he unties them, or if he doesn't have a habit of tying them at all? ” "Good." Replied Mrs. Brett. Shouldn't the inspector speak to Polly himself? ” "No.". It's okay to ask her about some trivial things in life, but if a stranger asks her something on the phone,wire mesh decking, she will blush. Anyway, I don't want her thinking about my problems. What I want is her first natural reaction to the problem. So just ask her if Syl's brown shoes usually lace up when she's cleaning them. Mrs. Brett said she understood what he meant and asked if he wanted to speak to anyone else. No, I'm still waiting for an important call. I'll call you back soon. London's phone finally got through, and Williams' displeased voice came from the other end of the line. "Okay,shuttle rack system, okay, I'll be on standby for the last five minutes." "Is it Williams?"? I'm Grant 。 Listen, today I'm going into town to visit a relative of Leslie Seale's. Yeah, I found out where she lives. Miss Hill lives at 9 Hollywood Road in Hampstead, an area where artists are active. I talked to her on the phone last night and arranged to meet her around three o'clock this afternoon. But I'm afraid it's too late now. A boy had just picked up a Leslie Seale shoe by the river. Yeah, that's right, partner. So we have to do it all over again, and I have to be on the scene myself. Do you have time to go and see Miss Hill for me? Or should I send help from Scotland Yard? ? No, sir, warehouse storage racks ,shuttle rack system, I'll go for you. What do you want me to ask her? ” "Let her tell you everything she knows about Leslie Seale.". Such as the last time they met, and what friends he had in England, and so on. That's all she knows about Leslie. Good. When should I call you back? ” "Well, it's almost 2:45 when you get there, and if you expect to leave in an hour-it should be about 4:00." "To Wickham Police?"? ” "I don't think so.". The salvage operation is probably going to be very slow. You'd better make it to the mill house in Shaka. Shaka Town Five. Grant had just hung up the phone when he remembered that he had forgotten to ask Williams how his Benny Squire assignment was going. Marta came in with his breakfast, and as she poured him coffee, he called Trining Manor again. Mrs. Brett had spoken to Polly, and Polly did not suspect anything of the matter. Polly said that when Mr. Seal took off his shoes and cleaned them for her, the laces were usually untied. She had this impression because she was in the habit of retying the laces of his shoes so as not to get in the way of cleaning them. But after she cleans her shoes, she often unties them again. That's the way it is. Grant began to eat his breakfast, while Marta poured herself a cup of coffee and sat sipping it. She looked cold and pale, but he couldn't put the question aside. "Do you notice anything unusual about this shoe?"? ” "Yes, his shoelace is not untied." What a wonderful woman. He guessed that she must have some magic to balance herself among the many advantages, but he could not imagine what it would be. www。 xiaoshuotxt.c o m Chapter 15 Small say t xt days? Don The temperature by the river is unusually low. The willows rustled, the river took on the color of pewter, and the wind and showers made the river ripple. With the long wait, Rogers's usual expression of anxiety became rigid. So far, no unexpected guests have come to share the taste of the vigil with them. The mill house had been sworn to secrecy, but found that there was no secret to keep. Mrs. Dupe had gone to bed, and Tommy, like the other policemen, was involved in the salvage. The wide stretch of the river bank is a considerable distance from the road or road, and there are no homes nearby, so no passers-by will stop to watch and then spread what they see everywhere. Only this group of staff waiting for the result was left by the river. The moment was too long to bear. Grant and Rogers had long ago been tired of such things as mission reviews, and now they were even less energetic. Now, they are just two men standing on the edge of a swamp in the cold spring. They sat side by side on a fallen willow trunk. Grant stared at the slow progress of the salvage work, and Rogers looked out over the wide flat land of the valley. "The river floods here in the winter," he said. But its scenery is quite fascinating,Teardrop Pallet Racking, as long as you can forget the damage it has caused. "Devastating pass," Grant read, "it's addicted to the survival oars." What is this? ” A description of the flood by a friend of mine in the army. jracking.com