Get into trouble with the CEO and the superstar

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The whole earth trembled, from the initial slow movement. They all galloped and rushed, and tens of thousands of horses made the whole earth tremble under their feet. Yang Hao's camp stands still,american hot tub, put in the army of two thousand troops is Li Guangfeng's lineal,

Kurosaki Wen Yi smiled, smiling so that people felt dense, "whether to let go or not is my business, but he must hand over what I want, and he must leave his life behind.". He didn't have a choice. He took a puff on his cigarette, his eyes froze, and then he asked, "What's the matter?"? You're interested in that woman. ?” "Yes.". It's kind of fun. He made no secret of it, squinting his small eyes. She is not a woman to be trifled with. Be careful that she will kill you. Kurosaki Wen Yi blurted out, intuitively not wanting to give her to the city source. The idea was so strange that even he himself was surprised. When Cheng yuanwang heard him say this, he nodded clearly, "There is a large forest, and I am not short of this one." "Let's plan the game this time." He said in a cold voice. OK!” Outside the window, the night is getting thicker and thicker. Mikado Superstar: Here's Your Chance When Yi Paner opened her eyes, she felt very tired. This kind of exhaustion comes from the heart, she already has the feeling, she is about to be unable to withstand the attack of the virus, she is about to fall. Looking out of the window, I felt the sky was so blue that my heart seemed to be quiet. If it's always this blue, it's fine. Knock- "There were a few taps on the door.". Yi Paner did not look back and called softly, "Come in!" The door opened. Cheng yuanwang walked in leisurely, but this time he did not come empty-handed, but carried a basket of fruit. A whole basket of apples, very big and red, and very attractive. He came in with a fruit basket, put it on the table,endless pool factory, and said in a deep voice, "Is that how you treat people who come to see you?"? You don't even have to look back. ?” Chengyuanwang? Yi Paner then turned his head. Sure enough, I saw him. She smiled and asked casually, "What are you doing here?" "To pay off debts, of course. You know it's always bad to owe others." He said jokingly, pointing to the basket of fruit. Yi Paner glanced at the apples and smiled more and more happily. "So it's to pay off the debt.". Then I'll accept it reluctantly. Cheng yuanwang reached out and dragged a chair, then sat down. As he unpacked the fruit basket, he said, "If you eat oranges, your teeth will be sour.". Then eat the apple. I'm very good at peeling apples. I'll open your eyes today. He chose an apple, took a fruit knife and cut it. His movements were indeed very skillful and skillful. It looks good. Yi Paner couldn't help praising him, looked at him quietly, and suddenly asked, endless swim pool ,hot tub spa manufacturers, "Chengyuan Jun, do you have anyone you like?" As soon as she said this, Cheng yuanwang's hand shook, and the fruit knife cut his finger, oozing blood in an instant. Cheng yuanwang hurriedly drew a tissue and wrapped his cut finger. "Your words scared me." "I was right?" Yi Paner laughed so hard that he was very curious about who he liked and couldn't help asking, "Who? Have I ever seen it? ? It's not in this night palace, is it? 。” Cheng yuanwang is the kind of man who looks very comfortable at a glance. He always smiles. For the first time, she feels that small eyes are so charming. Most of the time, they laugh and laugh, and sometimes they make fun of each other. But I always feel that he has been in love with someone for a long time. Cheng yuanwang wrapped his fingers in paper towels and peeled the last apple skin. He handed the apple to her and said, "You don't want to be a matchmaker, do you?" Yi Paner took a bite of the apple and was somewhat interested. "Maybe." "I won't talk to you. It's almost time. I have something to do." He stood up, obviously getting cold feet. Yi Paner laughed even more. "Hey, someone has turned into a Ninja Turtle." "Who is the Ninja Turtle?" He retorted with a wordy nagging, "I really have something to do. There will be a very important banquet in three days. Wen Yi will take charge of the overall situation this time. I have to prepare for it." "Banquet?" Asked Yi Paner, gazing. Cheng yuanwang nodded, some flustered to hide something, "yes, the banquet.". We're all going. All right, I won't talk to you. I'm leaving. She shook her hand at him as if to say hello. Yi Paner took a bite of the apple, and she knew the opportunity had come. That afternoon, Yi Paner was bored to read for a while. She closed the book, looked at the nurse and said with a smile, "Do you know a girl named Xiao Xiang?" "Xiao Xiang?"? Understanding 。 "The nurse nodded. They were all in the museum. How could they not know?". Yi Paner smiled quietly. "I haven't seen her for a long time. She used to take care of me.". I want to meet her and talk to her. Can you get her for me? "This.." The nurse was a little embarrassed. I'm just talking. There's nothing else. If you are worried, you can ask your superiors for instructions. The nurse thought of such a little thing, and there was no need to ask for instructions. Coupled with these days of getting along, she felt that this Miss Yi was not bad. After thinking about it, he promised, "Well, I'll go and let Xiao Xiang come over now.". But not for long. It's only an hour, okay? "I understand, thank you." After the nurse left, Yi Paner took out the stick from under the pillow. She picked up the fruit knife again and cut three times on the bamboo stick. If we miss this opportunity, we don't know how long we will have to wait. Hope to succeed. She held the next sign, but there was no bottom in her heart, and she felt uneasy. After a while, Xiao Xiang arrived. How are you recently, Miss Yi? She poked her head in and greeted him shyly. Why don't you come to see me recently? Yi Paner said casually, waving to her, "I haven't seen you for days. I've been wondering if you're sick or something happened." Xiao Xiang went to the bed and sat down on the chair. "No.". It's just too busy with work. "Well, it doesn't matter.". I'm glad you're here. Yi Paner looked at her and guessed seven or eight points. It seems that someone won't let her come, and she doesn't know what her identity is now. Xiao Xiang looked at her with concern. "Miss Yi, are you feeling better?" "Much better." Facing Xiao Xiang,jacuzzi bath spa, Yi Paner relaxed completely. She took out the bamboo stick in her hand and said softly, "Xiao Xiang, can you do me a favor?" "What is it?".