Chen Qingyun is the second person in the world.

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The whole earth trembled, from the initial slow movement. They all galloped and rushed, and tens of thousands of horses made the whole earth tremble under their feet. Yang Hao's camp stands still,american hot tub, put in the army of two thousand troops is Li Guangfeng's lineal,

As he spoke, he laughed, and the laughter concealed the horrible atmosphere of Li Gui Gu! At that moment, the Wind Chaser laughed a little, his feet a little, and he jumped forward again! Just as the Wind Chaser jumped away, a sneer came through the air, and the laughter was as cold as the previous one. The Wind Chaser responded with a loud laugh and shouted, "Gu Ying, since you are a famous figure in Jianghu, why do you hide?" The cold voice came and said, "Wind Chaser, you are so bold that you dare to despise what Yanshan said and turn a blind eye to the lonely shadow. It's unreasonable. I should have killed you, but I think you are also a famous person in Jianghu. If I kill you, I will lose my reputation all my life. Now I want you and the other three to leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless!" The voice was cold and did not seem to come from the population. The Wind Chaser was in a calm mood at the moment. When he heard this, he laughed and said, "Lonely Shadow, we are forced by the situation.." The voice answered coldly, "The swordsman who chases the wind is called a great swordsman. He is loyal. What does Song Qingshan have to do with you? How could you be so loyal to him that you would rather go to Li Guigu to work for your life?" "If justice is done," said the Wind Chaser with a smile, "why do you complain about death?" The cold voice came again and said, "So you're going to work hard for Song Qingshan?" "Not necessarily," said the Wind Chaser with a smile. After a pause, he added, "Elder Lonely Shadow, one thing we don't understand is that Song Qingshan has a big grudge against you, but you used the method of'dividing the muscles and bones' to attack him." Lonely Shadow said coldly,endless pool swim spa, "Wind Chaser, I advise you not to know that. You don't have to waste your breath. But what do you want to do when you go to Li Gui Gu tonight?"? Is it to take'Qijin Chiba Ramie Fruit '? Or do you have a hard time with the lonely shadow? The Wind Chaser said with a smile, "The lonely shadow is a strange man. How dare we have a tiger's beard?"? However, with your behavior, to attack a younger generation, it is rather cold teeth! After the words of the swordsman chasing the wind, the cold voice of the lonely shadow no longer came! Chasing the wind quickly, he said, "Only when the solitary shadow respects you can he call you an old-timer. If you don't let people respect you, then forget it. Yes,whirlpool hot tub spa, we came to Liguigu to fetch'Qijin Qiantuo Mango '." The solitary shadow added, "You'd better go quickly. This thing is already on me. You'll never find it. If you don't listen to what I say, be careful that I will offend you by chasing the wind." Chasing the wind quickly a listen, the heart is cold half, open tendons Chiba mango both in the lonely shadow body, it seems that the green hills are really hopeless! Mind at this point, not by the original hope, into a bubble! Stunned for a moment, he opened his mouth and said, "Lonely Shadow, since you and Song Qingshan have this deep enmity, we won't investigate the real reason. But for the sake of Chen, how about you save him once?" The lonely shadow laughed coldly and said, "It's hard to obey orders, but Song Qingshan is dead." The Wind Chaser felt a slight warmth in his heart and said, "So, brother Ugly Swordsman, have you killed him?" "No," said the solitary shadow, garden jacuzzi tub ,jacuzzi suppliers, "but he has suffered a little. If you don't listen to the ban on the rock and shout abuse, you can see them if you take another ten steps forward." Wind Chaser clenched his teeth and took ten steps in front of him. Looking up, his face suddenly changed, and he saw two ugly swordsmen lying between the grass, their eyes rolled up and their chins tilted! This situation is the same as that of Song Qingshan, who was hit by the solitary shadow's technique of "dividing tendons and bones". It made the Wind Chaser's hair stand on end, and his eyes were almost on fire! Then he shouted angrily, "Solitary Shadow?"? You are so cruel, Chen would like to learn a few tricks from you! The solitary shadow said in a cold voice, "That's easy. Why don't you take ten more steps?" The Wind Chaser burst out laughing and said, "Don't say ten paces, even a hundred paces. I want to try!" With that, he jumped forward. Elder Gu Jue and the Taoist Priest yuan Tong did not dare to neglect them, so they followed the Wind Chaser from behind. For the first time, the Wind Chaser was really angry. As soon as he jumped, he had already gathered all his strength in his hands and was ready for a sudden attack from the other side. Just as he jumped, a palm force suddenly rolled up! The power of the palm came suddenly, and the oncoming force was extremely fierce. The man chasing the wind was shocked in his heart. He raised his hands and clapped his hands suddenly! Chasing the Wind Man's palm is full of strength, and its strength is no small matter, only to hear a loud noise, the force of the palm shook the branches, Chasing the Wind Man also took a step back! The voice of the lonely shadow smiled coldly and said, "The swordsman chasing the wind has excellent martial arts. He really lives up to his reputation. Take my palm again." Palm word still did not export, see the figure in gray clothes flash, the second row of mountain palm force, and told to come, this time more than the last time! Wind Chaser had never really fought with anyone, and this time he was chased out of the fire by a solitary shadow. When he was hit by the second palm, his figure floated, and he "chased the wind and the clouds", avoided the second palm, raised his hand in the air, and sent out three palms! Chasing the wind swordsman's body, also its fast as electricity, floating body hair palm, almost in a time, then tell to do! In a flash of lightning, I heard the sound of trumpets, and the trees broke in response to the sound of the original location of the Wind Chaser! The wind chasing swordsman clapped two hands, which also stirred up dust and sand, and the trees were broken! It was only a matter of a moment. The Wind Chaser clapped his hands, and his figure fell to the ground. At that moment, he heard the voice of the lonely shadow shouting, "Wind Chaser, fight as usual!" At the place where the gray shadow flashes, the starting point is the "Guanyuan Point" of the Wind Chaser. The speed of the solitary shadow and the skill of the body are incredible! Chasing the wind swordsman body has not yet stood firm, the solitary shadow of this move, such as lightning point, has quickly arrived! Chasing the wind swordsman saw that it was too late to dodge. At that moment, he gritted his steel teeth, turned his figure backward, hit his right wrist with a palm, and floated across his body. With a hissing sound, the clothes of the man chasing the wind had been cut an inch long by the finger of the solitary shadow. Thanks to the wind swordsman dodge fast enough, otherwise, is bound to be lonely shadow point can not, Rao is so, he can not help but scared out of a cold sweat! At this moment, Elder Gu Jue and yuan Tongchang both pounced on each other, slapped each other,4 person jacuzzi, and hit the solitary shadow fiercely. The Taoist Priest yuan Tong and the Elder Gu Jue both struck, and their hands were like waves, and they hit each other!.