After soaring

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A more pious and holy voice resounded through heaven and earth: "Every place of sin will be purified, says the Lord!" The singing of the fallen king suddenly stopped, half kneeling in the void, looking up at the higher void, from his hands,Fiberglass tape measure, a dark brilli

Large areas of chaos, under the corrosion of the dark breath, under the silent decomposition, a huge hole quickly formed. On the edge, the ancient strong people gasped, reminded each other, stood on tiptoe, and shot back to the rear at the same time. They were in the air, looking down, but felt that on this land, there seemed to be another "sea of chaos" full of violent energy. A steady stream of dark energy poured into the shadow of Lucifer's fist from the void. Then it hit the motionless Fengyun Mowgli, and the wind and clouds rolled all over the sky, and the whistling sound of the wind was surging in the sky. Lucifer does not seem to believe that Fengyun Mowgli is so strong that he is still constantly increasing the output of energy. In the temple of demons. Click! With a crisp sound, a crack appeared on Fengyun Mowgli's indifferent face, just like a piece of cloth. Fengyun Mowgli's body in the shadow after the brake, left and right staggered, into the general flow of water, flow to the ground. Two light white shadows fell to the ground, but a few inches from the ground, suddenly a strange swing, a roll and a bullet, to both sides, in the void,cattle weight tape, an invisible rule was touched again. In the startled eyes of the two lords of hell. Two shadows, one on the left and one on the right, after a flicker. Unexpectedly formed two identical Fengyun Mowgli. Lucifer's face changed, a look of shock flashed across his face, his right palm on the dark and dazzling throne, the man stood up, a strong killing machine gushed out of his eyes, just as he was ready to make a move,Wheel tape measure, the mutation regenerated.. Sniff! Left, right two identical Fengyun Mowgli once again split in the middle, two halves of the projection to the two sides of a bullet, and again formed four complete Fengyun Mowgli, four Fengyun Mowgli again bounced up, in the air, the body split again.. Da! Da! Eight clear footsteps came into the ears of all the people in hell, and in the temple of demons, there were already eight more identical Fengyun Mowgli. The two lords of hell, including Lucifer, were in a state of turmoil in their hearts: "How did he do it?" The rules of projection are not limitless. This ability was first discovered in heaven. Several incandescent angels were inspired by the arrival of the main God's doppelganger on other planes. According to the characteristics of angels, they created the ability of plane projection that could minimize the loss of heaven. Although this ability is tailored for angels, but to a certain extent, if you want to project in other planes, as long as you master the relevant rules, naturally it is not a problem. But plane projection has a precondition: a body, Adhesive fish ruler ,Walking measuring wheel, if its ability permits, can leave its own projection in multiple planes at the same time, but in a single plane, only one projection can exist at the same time. According to the initial understanding of projection rules, the plane is equivalent to a grid-like thin paper, on which an object can only reflect a shadow! But Fengyun Mowgli's performance has completely subverted the basic theory of projection rules-and more exaggeratively, Lucifer fully believes that this human is the relevant projection rules system that he stole from the plane projection of the Sea of Chaos a moment ago! Whether it is to show the understanding, deductive ability and strength, this human makes Lucifer deeply afraid, and then gives birth to a strong killing machine in his heart. Choke! With a sharp roar, the shadow that initially tore the projection of Fengyun Mowgli's Demon Temple sank into Lucifer's outstretched palm, but it was a Western-style sword burning with a strong black flame, engraved with golden runes on its body. Slap! Two faint black light wing shadows stretched out from behind Lucifer, gently moving, after two crisp sounds, and a pair of faint black light wing shadows stretched out from behind Lucifer, a total of six pairs of light wing shadows appeared behind Lucifa, quietly moving. Da! Lucifer's face was awestruck. At this moment, his expression was more similar to that of a sensible God. He stepped out lightly, and Lucifer leisurely stepped down the stairs. Almost at the same time, the body of Fengyun Mowgli in the sea of chaos, standing like a mainstay in the boundless dark current, finally moved and flicked lightly. Head for Lucifer Point, two feet away! The twelve-winged Lucifer, whose original shape had only a few outlines on the edge, did not wait for Fengyun Mowgli to press it. He immediately flew back and broke away from the dark surge, and the form of the fallen king became solid again. Swish! Twelve dark wings of light spread out behind him, and Lucifer, with a holy face, suddenly knelt down on one knee and sang a pious chant: "O great being who lives under the abyss, please listen to the voice of your believers.". May the glory of darkness descend upon this land. May the eyes of the Lord God come to this region and listen to the guidance of your believers.. Lucifer's handsome face suddenly raised and knelt down in the void, pointing to the wind and clouds coming through the wind and sand from a distance. In the dark void, a vast and vast force suddenly surged out of the darkness like a hurricane, and a surge of waves came. In the distance, the sea water of the whole chaotic sea fluctuates sharply, and waves of waves rise from the ground and rush high into the sky.. Behind Lucifer, a huge black whirlpool took shape, in which there seemed to be a surge of waves, a huge shadow surging underwater. Weird. Everyone felt a tremor from the heart, even Fengyun Mowgli suddenly stopped, looking at the twelve-winged fallen angels in the void, there was no other vision, a huge breath beyond all living beings had come to this space, everyone felt a fear from instinct.. Here, above the sky, a blazing human shadow pierced the sky, tens of thousands of feet away from the fallen king. Get down on your knees. A more pious and holy voice resounded through heaven and earth: "Every place of sin will be purified, says the Lord!" The singing of the fallen king suddenly stopped, half kneeling in the void, looking up at the higher void, from his hands,Fiberglass tape measure, a dark brilliance backfired up, hitting the two-winged angel whose whole body emitted blazing light, but still too late..