China Single Beam Suspension Rail Overhead Bridge Crane factory

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JiaXing Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a European standard crane manufacturer with intellectual property rights, which is based on independent research and development, supplemented by learning from foreign advanced technology and experience. In recent years, the company constantly introduces high-end processing equipment, and carries out school enterprise alliance with Southwest Jiaotong University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. In inheriting the European crane energy saving and consumption reduction, light weight, compact structure, small space occupation, high performance, maintenance free, low noise, safety first, people-oriented concept, we continue to launch new European standard products.
The company covers an area of 240000 square meters, with a total investment of 240 million yuan. The registered capital is 123 million yuan. There are more than 600 employees, including more than 150 management and technical personnel and more than 20 senior engineers. There are 500 sets of various production equipment and testing equipment, and the annual comprehensive production capacity of cranes is more than 10000 sets. The company has technical cooperation with many European machinery manufacturers, such as szw company in UK, Nord company in Germany, Siemens company in Germany, Schneider Electric Company in France and other companies. It is committed to the innovation and development of European crane technology and strive to build Dongqi crane into an international famous brand.
In recent years, the company's products have been recognized by Shanghai Electric Group, China Railway intermodal transport, China Railway Corporation, CRRC, China Railway First Bureau, China Railway seventh Bureau, China Railway Tunnel Bureau, China Petroleum Technology Development Corporation (the company is mainly responsible for all overseas investment projects of CNPC group) and other large-scale central and state-owned enterprises, and has received several orders. At present, our company is a domestic private enterprise that has entered Shanghai Electric Group with European standard cranes after crane manufacturers such as Kony, Demag and frantec. Meanwhile, we have obtained large orders with large tonnage and high technical content, which can fill the gap in the crane industry. The products are widely used in steel, electric power, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, military industry, warehousing logistics, papermaking and other fields.
The company's main products are: all kinds of European standard bridge crane, gantry crane, explosion-proof, metallurgy, European standard electric hoist, track laying machine, fully intelligent truss industrial robot, etc. some key core parts are original products of British szw company. The structural parts are manufactured in strict accordance with European process standards, and the performance of the whole machine reaches the international advanced level.
Green, intelligent, efficient is our goal, we will provide you with a reasonable design scheme, with efficient technical and economic indicators for you to create a high standard European standard crane.
Product advantages:
A. Break the design concept of crane lifting mechanism and creatively apply planetary gear reducer to crane manufacturer of lifting mechanism. The lifting mechanism adopts direct link, which perfectly combines the motor, reducer, brake and drum. It can effectively improve the transmission efficiency, greatly reduce all kinds of transmission parts required by the lifting mechanism and reduce the noise. At the same time, the mechanism has independent intellectual property rights.
B. It is equipped with all frequency conversion control of the whole machine mechanism, and the hoisting and running is stable (for all kinds of European standard single and double beam cranes: ABB frequency converter is used in the whole vehicle of our company, and its hoisting macro system is provided. The frequency converter is 0-speed braking, which can reduce the impact on the motor, reducer and structural parts. At the same time, the automatic and intelligent crane can be extended to realize unmanned operation, remote monitoring and anti swing function.)
C. Low noise and maintenance free (reduce maintenance time and maintenance cost) (due to simple structure, there are few types of accessories, which is convenient to purchase in the later stage, and also reduces the inventory)
D. Low energy consumption, adjustable speed through frequency converter, effectively reducing power consumption by 20% - 30%China Single Beam Suspension Rail Overhead Bridge Crane factory