The journey of Lan Huan

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Also forgot the following pain unexpectedly for a while, murmured the explanation: "When the woman's first night,mirror stainless steel sheet, will be like this!"! If there is no falling red, it will be regarded as infidelity by her husband's family. Do you want to

He knew that he could not shake the whole Protoss with his own ability, so he wanted to ask Jingyue for help. Although Jingyue was not strong now, he had seen her practice and everything she had. Geer believed that if she wanted to, no one could easily defeat her. But with Jingyue for a period of time, let him understand that Jingyue can help others, but never want to cause trouble, she will avoid everything that may bring trouble for themselves. So he never asked Jingyue and didn't want to embarrass her. But what happened last night made Geer feel that he had seen himself as a fool in Carl. Although their circumstances were not the same, the foolish trust was very similar to his own. So, for the first time, he asked Jingyue to help the dying Cullen, but he didn't want Carl, who was similar to him, to continue to feel guilty and sad. On the other hand, he found from this incident that the Protoss were not absolutely dominant on this continent, and that there were still countries that did not buy their account, and the Golden Dragon was one of them. His heart suddenly had a glimmer of hope that he might not be alone, that there must be some people on the continent who had been persecuted by the Protoss or his minions, and that they also regarded the Protoss as enemies, so he wanted to find them. But on this vast continent, finding people is as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack, and there is an opportunity in front of him, so he made a deal with the Cullen brothers. The content of the deal is that after the Cullen brothers win the supreme power of the Golden Dragon Kingdom,stainless steel welded pipe, they must send people to secretly search for some people on the mainland, who they are, and when their brothers get the throne, Geer will explain. Anyway, now that Carew has been imprisoned by them, as long as everyone knows what he has done, naturally no one will support him, and the remaining few princes who are younger than them are not enough,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, the throne is like a bag for them. Geer has to pay in exchange for becoming the super bodyguard of the Cullen brothers. He can do something for them that he is willing to do without violating his conscience and morality. When the Golden Dragon Kingdom is facing a crisis, Geer must act unconditionally. In fact, this deal is a bit of a loss for Geer, who has paid so much for himself that he has only one requirement, but it is too important for him to find a partner on the same front, so even if he suffers a little loss, Geer has no choice. Fortunately, Geer did not lose a lifetime of freedom, except for the first three years, after that, he was free to choose whether to leave or stay. Geer believes that with the strength of a country, it should not be so difficult to find some people on the mainland. And the Cullen brothers are even more happy in their hearts. They can understand the word "blessing in disguise" very well now. With the help of the Holy Demon Teacher and a person who may be super holy, it is difficult for the Golden Dragon Kingdom not to become stronger. But Geer saw Jingyue embarrassed again, as a servant has no right to autonomy, although Jingyue has never seen him as a servant, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, but Geer's heart has never changed the original identity. In order to be able to remove the hatred in his heart for a thousand years, he forgot his oath for the first time. It was too late to remember, so he didn't know how to say it. Finally, Jingyue saw Geer's dilemma and could not bear to force him any more. [Geer, you know, I have never treated you as my servant, but as a friend who can communicate with you, so no matter what decision you make, I will not object.] Seeing Geer's somewhat apologetic and moved expression, Jingyue went on to say: [The skill I practice is to follow my heart. As long as I don't violate my heart, I can do whatever I want. So I hope you can be the same as me.] Jingyue paused and looked straight into Geer's eyes. [If you really want to do something in your heart, you can do it as long as you don't violate your conscience. No matter how much you pay, no matter what the result is, as long as you have worked hard, you won't leave regrets for your life. That's not a wasted life. So, you don't have to feel embarrassed, no matter what your decision is, I will respect your choice. 】 After listening to Jingyue's words, Geer knew that Jingyue really regarded him as a friend, so he was very moved and more determined. Taking a deep breath, Geer opened his mouth slowly. [Once I thought I could forget the hatred, but I found that the seeds of hatred had been deeply rooted in my heart. So in order to revenge, I decided to stay in the Golden Dragon Country and take here as a starting point to realize my wish slowly.] Speaking of his plan, Geer suddenly put down the huge stone in his heart. You are right. No matter how hard it is to achieve my goal, as long as I work hard, even if it takes my life, it is also worthy of my life. Therefore, my host friend, I can no longer accompany you to travel. At this point, Geer's tone was a little sentimental. Geer's decision did not surprise Jingyue, so she just listened to Geer's words quietly. "Geer, just now, I really believe that you have regarded me as your friend, not your master.". I respect your decision. You don't have to apologize for it. Everyone has the right to pursue their own dreams, so there's nothing to be sorry about. Jingyue smiled niftily. [Well, Geer, since we are going to part, let's have a good visit to the Golden Dragon City for the last time tonight.] Geer naturally has no objection. One night, Jingyue took Geer around the streets and alleys of the Golden Dragon Kingdom, including the most famous Goulan Courtyard and the most solemn palace. It was not until one o'clock in the night that Jingyue had enough fun and they returned to the hotel. Standing at the door of Jingyue's room, Geer gazed at it for a long time before he couldn't help asking: [Xiaoyue, if one day, I get revenge, or I don't want to get revenge, can I come back to you and continue to travel with you?] Jingyue smiled sincerely: "Geer, if you can really put down the burden in your heart, I will always welcome you to join.". All right, tomorrow morning I will leave and go to the Karar Mountains,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, which are rich in dragons, to see if I can find a dragon in my mind. I won't talk to you any more. Good night, my friend.] 。