Humiliation of identity

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Also forgot the following pain unexpectedly for a while, murmured the explanation: "When the woman's first night,mirror stainless steel sheet, will be like this!"! If there is no falling red, it will be regarded as infidelity by her husband's family. Do you want to

When they arrived, they only saw the old moon in front of the old moon temple, and now there were a lot of new people dressed in red wedding clothes. And when I saw that there were no hidden names on their heads, there was a lot of booing for a while!!! Because these two people are actually one of the three magic stars of the "Snow Land Enchantress" and the "Ao Love Snow" in the master list. At this time, both of them, dressed in red wedding clothes, stood in front of the old moon, presumably preparing for the wedding. Now the people who had come to watch the scene of bustle were whispering to each other, and several of them said, "Didn't you say that the Snow Maiden ran away from marriage yesterday?" "Yes!"! Yes! I also heard that this Ao Lian Xue waited for a long time, and then never got off the line! "What's going on?"? Is there anyone who can explain it? "Go, go, go." We still want to know! "All right, all right, don't argue, let's see it first!" Yueyue looked at the group of gossips a little speechless. Why are children so curious about other people's things these days? Just as she was struggling, Yueyue suddenly found that the gossip pattern on her screen was a little strange, because it was not only rotating faster and faster, but also a little fading in color. After seeing this,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, Yueyue became a little nervous. She thought for a moment and then said hello to the three people in the dormitory, and then directly summoned the'Phoenix of Fire 'on her body and quickly jumped up. Of course, she certainly did not forget to invite the great God around her, she forgot that no one can be a great God, ah, who let this'Phoenix of Fire 'is sent by the great God? After seeing the great God on the mount, Yueyue hurriedly ran toward the waterfall cliff. And the group of people watching the scene of bustle below,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, although they were a little confused about their departure, they were not too entangled. Because now they have to wait for the arrival of the wedding team, waiting for Cui Xue to keep their success, and then take advantage of the reward. As a result, waiting for the month to carry the great God just arrived at the waterfall cliff, and then two people just came down from the mount, the month's body directly sent out colorful light, directly shaking the two people can not open their eyes. After a good half ring, the light slowly faded down. Yueyue stared at her screen with a twitch at the corners of her mouth? Why? Why is it that every time there is some hint, the body is shining? Is the person who programmed this a photophile? Orange light, white light, blue light, seven-color light, multicolored light, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, is there any other light next time? Another point is that Yueyue did not see the effect of the medicine at the moment, but she was very glad at the moment. Fortunately, she found something wrong with the gossip pattern in time, and then ran to an empty place with the Great God. Otherwise, if she sent out the dazzling color light in front of so many people, it was estimated that the children would not be calm when they saw it, and then they would have to toss out some gossip. God saw the month on the body so big movement, the expression on his face also stunned for several seconds. Originally, he was waiting for Yueyue to tell him the effect of the medicine, but after waiting for a long time, he saw Yueyue constantly changing her face, and then she looked scared, but she didn't mean to tell him. After a moment's silence, he sighed and asked, "Is that medicine done?"? Let's see what the effect is. God interrupted the imagination of the month, she came back to hasten staring at their own screen, and then turn out their own character attributes that column to check up, in the column to see their own character attributes, her face froze there, there is no mistake?? Is what she takes really 'super secret medicine'? How did this happen? Can you tell me why this happens? Is there a mistake in the medicine in the game?? —————————————— Recommend a friend's new book! Title: The cat is not good. Author Name: Ethereal Dust A word advertisement: I am not Ding Dang cat, do not look for me to solve everything for you. Chapter 120 Yueyue wants to remarry? Seeing that Yueyue's face seemed not very good-looking, the Great God frowned at her and asked, "What's wrong?"? Is there something wrong? What's going on? What's the problem? Ask her what's wrong? What's the problem? She wants to know what's going on. What's wrong? Who can jump out to help her solve it? Isn't what she just took called'super secret medicine '? Yueyue turned her head to look at the great God with a face of grief and indignation, and now her little face was wrinkled like that bitter melon. After a long time, she gnashed her teeth and said, "Do you know the address of HJ Company?"? I'm going. "What's the matter? What are you going to do at HJ?" God looked at the month a little puzzled, for the month nonsensical words, he felt a little unresponsive. Is there something wrong with that medicine? Think of here, in front of the computer Anluofei has begun to look at his mobile phone to go, ready to call directly to ask. Half a day later, Yueyue said with a sad face, "What am I going to do?"? Of course I'm going to ask them how the game is set up! What I eat clearly is' super secret medicine ', why can be such result? She was a little dumbfounded staring at her character attribute column, and the row of prompts above directly hit her to the bottom of the valley. Now she really wanted to go to HJ Company to find the person who wrote the program, and then pinched his neck and asked, "Do you dare to make fun of it again?"? Do you dare to be more perverted? When Yueyue was thinking about this idea, a man with glasses suddenly woke up from his sleep in the staff apartment of HJ Company. Then he patted his chest with fear on his face. He had just dreamed that a woman was pinching his neck fiercely, scaring him to death! An Luofei, who was looking for the phone, stopped when he heard Yueyue's words, and then asked Yueyue in the game, "What do you mean?"? Didn't you add a level? Isn't the secret medicine added to the level? She looks like she has no experience? Yueyue looked at her screen gloomily, and when she was ready to tell the God,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, the treasure in the dormitory shouted loudly: "Yueyue, you come to the old temple of the moon quickly, and it will be over soon." 。