The wife of the reborn Duke Hou Zheng

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Also forgot the following pain unexpectedly for a while, murmured the explanation: "When the woman's first night,mirror stainless steel sheet, will be like this!"! If there is no falling red, it will be regarded as infidelity by her husband's family. Do you want to

However, she is the wife he is marrying, what position to stop him? Seemingly seeing her nervousness, Zong Zheng Yuye reached out and took her into his arms. Then he bowed his head and kissed her. Then he comforted her by saying, "Don't be afraid. I'll be more careful.". Although it hurts a little for the first time, it will be much better later! Liu Ruxin endured the anxiety in her heart and nodded meekly. However, that cheek is as red as the sunset glow, but it is also more charming. Seeing that she did not resist, Zong Zheng Yuye's eyes flashed a smile, and a trace of joy floated from the bottom of his heart. The tiny kisses gradually moved from Liu Ruxin's forehead to her cheeks and even her lips. Liu Ruxin closed her eyes and let Zong Zheng Yuye do whatever she wanted. She only regarded it as her duty as a wife. Zong Zheng Yuye did not know what she was thinking, only when she was afraid in her heart, the action could not help but be two points lighter. Will her soft body tightly against his, tiny kisses to her earlobe, along the outline of the earlobe, inch by inch of the kiss, but in the earlobe place, naughty sucking. Liu Ruxin couldn't help trembling, and her voice couldn't help overflowing with a burst of fragmentary singing. Last time, Zong Zheng Yuye did not take this opportunity to force her, but he also understood that the earlobe was one of the most sensitive parts of her body. Zong Zheng Yuye in her ear out of the kiss, all the way to her neck, after a while,brushed stainless steel sheet, Liu Ruxin felt the whole person became hot up, involuntarily want to close to his body. Feeling her change, Zong Zheng Yuye's pupils became deeper and deeper. At the same time, there seemed to be an evil fire coming out of his body. At the moment, he really wanted to squeeze into her body quickly, but he dared not be so reckless. He was so big that he was afraid of hurting her. Liu Ruxin only felt a burst of crisp feeling, like breaking the waves, spread all over her body,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, Zong Zheng Yuye often kissed the place, have left peach blossoms like Yan Hong. 101 Moved At that time, from time to time, Liu Ruxin was so ashamed that he could not find a crack in the ground to drill down! There is even a feeling of shame in my heart. She felt that she had become a shameless whore and slut, just like those concubines who had enjoyed themselves under Su Qingyun in previous lives. However, her whole person is really uncomfortable, want to refuse Zong Zheng Yuye's touch, but the bottom of my heart is faint; no matter how she forbears, always can't help but want to breathe out. I even want more. Suddenly, a sharp pain hit her, and she almost fainted from the pain. I just felt the pain as if the whole person had been torn open. She could not help but shed tears, and her forehead was covered with a fine layer of sweat. I'm sorry, I'm sorry! When Zong Zheng Yuye saw her crying, he didn't know what to do for a moment. He stopped there helplessly and kept kissing the tears from her eyes. Seeing that she was biting her lips tightly in pain, and that there was even a fine layer of sweat oozing from her forehead, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,304 stainless steel wire, she quickly kissed her and said, "If the pain is severe, then shout it out. Maybe it will feel better.". Or else, my arm let you bite, you don't hurt yourself! There was a deep heartache in the words. This love words, is not very pleasant to listen to, but let Liu Ruxin heart has a heartwarming feeling, but also with a sense of relief to be protected. Can't help, the tears flow more turbulent. Zong Zheng Yuye hurriedly retreated, must not know, this Leng Tou Qing's action, made her more painful, even he himself, lost the tight package, there is also a burst of swelling pain. At the moment, however, he could not care about himself. He just wanted to see if she was hurt there. When he looked down, he saw a faint trace of blood there. Yah! Why is it all bleeding? Zong Zheng Yuye's face was full of surprise. Then he thought that he had hurt her. His face suddenly became embarrassed. He immediately showed a deep sense of shame. He said, "It's all my husband's fault. I shouldn't have hurt you. Just wait. I'll go to the imperial doctor for my husband!" Without waiting for him to move, he was suddenly grabbed by Liu Ruxin. Zong Zheng Yuye looked at her in puzzlement, and Liu Ruxin was ashamed and annoyed! Seeing that she was going to be annoyed, Zong Zheng Yuye immediately panicked. Yes, she hurt her. Even if she was angry, she should be. But he clearly did it according to the book, how did he hurt her? Didn't you look in the wrong place? However, think of that tight to the extreme package, also do not know how, Zong Zheng Yuye to think of is his wrong place, the bottom of my heart unexpectedly gave birth to a thick regret, "you don't worry, you are now my Zong Zheng Yuye's wife, wait for me to take the post to find the doctor, will not call you something." Zong Zheng Yu Ye appeased. This nerd! He is really a hothead! Is it true that a man in his twenties has not even entered a woman's body? But if so, why is the previous action so familiar? Don't you mean. Thinking that Zong Zheng Yuye's skillful movements might be looking for a flower prostitute, Liu Ruxin's heart unexpectedly gave birth to an inexplicable sour feeling. Seeing that he was leaving, Liu Ruxin's hand tightened a little. There is no trace of letting go. Seeing that Zong Zheng Yuye was puzzled, Liu Ruxin's complexion seemed to have been burned. Her whole cheeks, even her neck, turned red. Then she looked at Zong Zheng Yuye angrily and said, "Idiot!" That one glance, do not have amorous feelings! The blue pupil like the ocean has a wild nature that is hard to conquer. Zong Zheng Yuye swallowed saliva with difficulty, with a desire in his eyes, but with a trace of puzzlement. Seeing that he did not understand what he meant, Liu Ruxin could not help being angry, and the woman's first night was red, which was regarded as chastity. Didn't anyone say such a thing in front of him? Liu Ruxin only concerned about embarrassment, but did not notice Zong Zheng Yuye's eyes flashed away. Seeing that he was still looking at her with a smattering of knowledge, Liu Ruxin blushed even more. Also forgot the following pain unexpectedly for a while, murmured the explanation: "When the woman's first night,mirror stainless steel sheet, will be like this!"! If there is no falling red, it will be regarded as infidelity by her husband's family. Do you want to marry a woman like that to go home? In the end, there was some element of pique in the words.