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"It depends on what you think," Lin Dong said with a smile.

"It depends on what you think," Lin Dong said with a smile. "You should know the function of the colorful bed, right?" Yun Lan nodded. Just now, when I was blessed to my soul, I suddenly sensed that the colorful bed had another function. Lin Dong explained: "In addition to letting people fall asleep as soon as possible, after falling asleep will be clear-headed into the dream, but also added a little bit before going to bed, if you think you are the emperor, after falling asleep, your dream is from the beginning of being the emperor.". If you think before you go to bed that you have the strength to be invincible in the world, or that you have the ability to say a word that anyone can't help doing, you will also have this strength and ability after you fall asleep. That is to say, as long as you think before going to bed, you can realize what you dream. Yun Lan is stupefied, a long time just asks: "How can have this kind of spirit implement?" "It is more appropriate to call it a celestial vessel." With an innocent look on his face, Lin Dong stretched out his index finger and pushed it up. "It fell from the sky," he said with a smile. "It's more appropriate to call it a celestial vessel." Yun Lan dumb, she really can not figure out how Lin Dong can have so many strange subversion of common sense of the spirit array and spirit, but the fact, but irrefutable. She has not tried the function of this colorful bed, but the spirit array that accelerates the cultivation,ultrasonic cutting machine, the spirit array that accelerates the growth of spirit animals, the spirit device that can change its shape at will, and even the material can be changed. Everything is true, and you have to believe it. By the way, "Lin Dong's heart moved, and the smile at the corners of his mouth increased a few points." What Yun Lan asked subconsciously. Lin Dong laughed and did not answer. Yun Lan couldn't help staring at Lin Dong's face. After pondering for a moment, she couldn't help looking at him. She said angrily, "I can use the colorful bed to see what I look like. Anyway,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, I can't resist it, but I'm not allowed to think about anything else. Otherwise, otherwise.." I split the colorful bed into pieces. "Understand," Lin Dong nodded, but in the heart Hei Hei straight smile, anyway, in a dream, not in reality, Yunlan which know what they dream. Reality? Lin Dong could not help but look at the newly added attributes of the colorful bed, and he was dumbfounded. It's not that I remember it wrong, but there is a restriction attached to it. Unrealistic scenes and creatures? What does this grandma mean? Lin Dong wants to cry without tears, God is humane enough, but also know how to protect personal privacy? In this way, is not a white excitement? Cloud Lan did not notice Lin Dong's expression, continue: "Still have, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic welding transducer, also cannot be opposite other." People have bad ideas. "Someone else?" Lin Dong pretended to be puzzled. Woman, "Yunlan gritted her teeth." Do you believe that my eyes have a special function? Lin Dong asked. What function? Yun Lan was at a loss. Lin Dong wrote lightly: "When I walk on the street, whenever I see a woman, my eyes will automatically raise her age by 50 years. That is to say, any woman is a respectable old lady in my eyes." "That's more like it." Yun Lan nodded approvingly. Lin Dong is speechless, no matter how invincible a woman is, she is still a woman. Phew. Outside the carriage, Wu Guang suddenly pulled the reins and the carriage suddenly stopped. In the carriage, Lin Dong's two bodies were affected by inertia and fell forward together. If in practice, suddenly encounter this kind of accident, Lin Dong must need the help of Yunlan to stabilize the body. At this moment, it's just a twist of the waist, and the body instantly restores its balance. It was impossible for the carriage to make such a sudden stop. "What's the matter?" Lin Dong asked. Wu Guang craned his neck to look at the carriage less than two meters in front of him and explained, "Shopkeeper, it seems that Master Qiao found an injured fat woman in front of him." "A seriously injured fat woman?" Lin Dong could not help twisting his neck, before changing into a colorful bed attribute to come out, he certainly did not leave the car, let Qiao Tianhao they determine the character of the injured, if OK, take the person and treat it. Now, although the new attributes added by the colorful bed can not satisfy the idea of meeting Yunlan in their dreams, as long as the colorful bed can be upgraded to all guest rooms, this attribute is absolutely the only magic weapon to attract guests. Even Emperor Ganwei has not yet reached the level of regret, other people's regret is undoubtedly more, despite the unrealistic scenes and the limitations of life, but what the world invincible, countless wives and concubines, Jinshan Yinshan. It is also an unattainable regret everywhere. Apart from anything else, a super-rich family with a fortune of over one million taels spends tens of thousands of taels of silver for a cool day, absolutely without saying a word. If the guest is positioned as a big family with a fortune of more than ten thousand taels, it is guaranteed that the guest will come like a cloud. For this reason alone, as long as the colorful beds can be upgraded to the extent of expanding all rooms as expected, it will be enough to make the income of accommodation no less than that of banquets in the future. This kind of big happy event, Lin Dong's mood, naturally good enough not to care about wasting some time to practice. Go out and have a look? Lin Dong looked at Yun Lan. Cloud Lan smiled and nodded, more than half a month, she is the first time to hear Lin Dong take the initiative to get off to watch the fun, naturally will not object. The two men got out of the carriage and came to the front of the first carriage to see that Qiao Tianhao and Cheng Bao were in a group. Seeing the arrival of Lin Dong and Yun Lan, the three chefs under Jade Peony made way for a few seats. Lin Dong looked in and saw that Jade Peony was sitting cross-legged, her palms imprinted on a woman's back, apparently exercising to treat her injuries. As Wu Guang said, the injured woman really deserves the word "fat". Speaking of fat people, Lin Dong has seen a lot. Bai Jingtai is the fattest one among the people he knows. But in front of this woman, but still better. If Bai Jingtai can be equal to a half-strong man, and this fat woman is enough to be equal to two half-strong men. The people present, who can be called burly and strong, belong to Cheng Bao, who is undoubtedly a standard strong man. But standing beside a fat woman is like a fragile lady of a good family. Did you find out where you came from? Lin Dong asked Qiao Tianhao,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, will be seriously injured, is undoubtedly a warrior, he does not want to save people or get into unnecessary trouble regardless of right and wrong. Jade Peony's sister. Qiao Tianhao's mouth twitched slightly. Jade Peony's sister? Lin Dong's eyes widened a little in an instant. That's what Jade Peony shouted. Qiao Tianhao nodded.