Don't treat me like a human being.

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"Can't I get on the horse and give you a ride?" "Don't go anywhere."

"Can't I get on the horse and give you a ride?" "Don't go anywhere." Sun Guoren wiped his tears and said, "Go home today and live a good life." "But I am not at ease, such a big stall, you can do it?"? I am an old steed in the stable. "Is it still good if you don't get it right?"? It can be almost the same as you. Send old Zhao back to the mansion. Two security guards came in and stood on both sides of Zhao Hangyu, one left and one right. Zhao Hangyu wanted to say something more, but when he saw the two security guards, he stood up without saying a word and hobbled out. The people in the meeting room greeted him with applause. Zhao Hangyu held the handrail and rubbed down the stairs step by step. Two security guards followed him and watched him go downstairs with difficulty. When Zhao Hangyu came to the door of the building, the car was gone, and only a strong man was waiting for him on a bicycle, with a piece of wrapping skin on the back seat of the bicycle. You can go from'second class'. A member of the security team pointed to the bicycle and said, "We have already paid the fare." Another member of the security team threw his broken bag and smashed it into Zhao Hangyu's arms. The two of them turned and walked away. Holding the bag in his arms, Zhao Hangyu looked up to the sky and sighed: "Since Yu was born, how could Liang be born?" In the big lecture theatre of the school, yuan Bao and the girls sat together in the front row, staring innocently at the tall and thin lecturer who was gesticulating on the platform and was often amused by his own words. The lecturer pushed his glasses, looked down at the handout, and raised his head: "What I said just now is the prologue. Now let's get down to business: Who made history?" The lecturer looked at the students listening below with great pride; "Which student knows? Answer." Five girls stood up: "The crowd." Sit down,Inflatable water park factory, no-yes. You answer the two tails in the front. yuan Bao pointed to himself: "Me?" "It's you. I don't know if you're a boy or a girl. Anyway, I think you're awkward." yuan Bao stood up, "created by the book." Wrong-wrong. The lecturer denied, "Books are also written by people." "That's what the people who wrote the book created." "Bullshit!"! Sit down. Who else knows? "Emperors, generals and ministers." "Blind-break up, this kind of view has long been criticized." The lecturer scanned the room. "Who else knows?"? No one knows? To tell you the truth, history is made by women. Hey,inflatable air dancer, hey. The lecturer was very satisfied with the effect of his words. Ladies and gentlemen, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Naturally, the chicken came first. Chickens can be changed from birds, but eggs are not laid by chickens, and what eggs they are can not be called eggs. History is an egg, laid by a woman! No matter the masses, the heroes, or the people who write books, which one is not raised by a big girl? At least he's a son of a bitch. Looking at Chinese history, at every critical moment, a woman will come forward to clear away the fog and adjust the bow of the ship to push history forward. From Da in the Shang Dynasty to Baosi in the Zhou Dynasty, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable floating water park, from Xi Shi to Lu Zhi, Wang Zhaojun, Zhao Feiyan, Yang Yuhuan, Wu Zetian and so on, there are also original women and refitted women such as Zhao Gao, Gao Lishi, Wei Zhongxian, Xiao Anzi and Li Zi. Although this generation has shoulders that cannot be shouldered and hands that cannot be lifted, a word can rejuvenate the country and a frown can subjugate the country. It plays a role that the class enemy can't play and does things that the class enemy can't do. As a result, our history has become full of ups and downs, leaving us with endless sighs, reveries and ponderings, providing another mode of historical development, which can win the world immediately and in bed. Sun Tzu said, "To win without a fight is a good general.". I said: unearned, saints also, students, female students, this evaluation is not high? Don't be afraid of men's gossip, husband's power and male chauvinism. They are afraid of you, so they come up with these tactics to strike a balance. You see, why doesn't the Public Security Bureau arrest good people, but only hooligans and thieves? It is because they are afraid of the harm of hooligans and thieves. So although you are women, you can do whatever you want like men. Don't feel inferior! What's wrong with women? Women are more ferocious than men. The lecturer let out a melodious and lingering fart. Very ashamed. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. It's very impolite. Please forgive me. "It doesn't matter.". "Miss Wang said on behalf of her classmates," We didn't care about one of them last time. " "Aren't you obvious?"? They're trying to hurt you. In the big lecture theatre, everyone was gone, leaving only yuan Bao and Bai Du, who made up my man, sitting on a row of chairs at the end of the classroom. Bai Du was very excited and quite calm. They are all premeditated and purposeful. You should try to get rid of them as soon as possible, before it's too late. yuan Bao looked indifferently at the rows of empty seats in the classroom, as if listening without saying a word. I've already thought about it and brought you some clothes. Tomorrow night, you pretend to go to the toilet, go to the toilet to change these clothes, climb out of the wall behind the toilet, and I'll wait for you outside at eight o'clock. Bai Du took out a police uniform from her bag. I didn't dare to question you in this dress. yuan Bao looked at the police uniform, still unresponsive, and did not reach out to pick it up. Do you agree or not? If you think this plan is not safe, we can also think of other ways. I can get a police car to come to the school and arrest you publicly.. "No,Inflatable meltdown, I'm not going." yuan Bao said flatly, "Thank you for your kindness, but I don't want to go." What do you have to miss? Who treats you like a person in this place? People have all kinds of motives to use you and destroy you. Pinch you into all kinds of shapes at will. Don't you feel angry and insulted? How can you stand it? "Do you mean that the world is in a pure land?" 。