Robot Xiuzhen legend

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Li Zhenhai nodded and said, "All right, get ready. We'll go right away."

Li Zhenhai nodded and said, "All right, get ready. We'll go right away." "Yes," said He Qimang respectfully. Turn around and go out. Li Zhenhai looked at He Qimang's departure, thought for a moment, then made a message with one hand, sealed a paragraph of words inside, and then sent it out. There are only two words in that passage: "Hugh, Yin." Then Li Zhenhai went out of the quiet room and flew to Mingming Pavilion with He Qimang. Tie stabilized his figure. Came to check again, but the result is that there is still no sign of rupture on the ground, a Tie secretly exclaimed, just that explosive bomb is almost no less than the power of a medium-sized atomic bomb, how can it still not be broken. A Tie sits down to think, this cultivator's thing is really intrepid, if this mountain just also should be wiped flat, who knows to still have no movement. Is it still not powerful enough. A Tie wanted to find the biggest fairy stone again, and the fairy stone was shining. As big as a cow's head, it's still a top-grade immortal stone. Ah Tie is really a little reluctant to part with it. A Tie then smoothed both sides of the immortal stone, and then carved it into the double-sided array method. Next a tie has been flying to the sky, I do not know how far the flight, a tie stopped, and then in this first to play hundreds of defensive array, plus their own defensive array, that is nearly three hundred defensive array, a tie know now the power of the grenade explosion must be extremely shocking, to add some insurance to themselves. When he was ready,Inflatable indoor park, Ah Tie looked down with flashing eyes and threw the crystal grenade down. To. In front of the Mingming Pavilion, a hall instrument sang. Mingming Pavilion is the largest and most luxurious restaurant in Ximing City, where people with heads and faces often come. In the middle of the hall, there are two rows of chairs, twelve in each row, with names written on them. On the left, the first one is Li Zhenhai, the head of Lin Hai School, the second one is Ning Biao, the head of Flying Arrow Gate,Inflatable 5k obstacle, and the third one is Chang Xiaohao, the leader of Ming Moon School. Behind them are the fourth to twelfth powerful gangs. And the chair on the right has the names of the twelve deacons of the Council. Behind these two rows of chairs stood their disciple guards. This West Ming City Management Committee is a permanent management committee composed of one person from each of the twelve gang organizations. It is usually responsible for general affairs, but if a big event comes, the leaders of each family have to meet to discuss it together. By this time, all the families in the hall had come together, and the only thing missing was Li Zhenhai, the head of the Lin Hai School. Seeing the head of the first faction, some people were already thinking that the first faction was a big one, and everyone had to wait for him. The host was Deacon Jiang. "Laoli," he said, "everyone is waiting for you. Why did you come so late?" Li Zhenhai also returned the salute and said, "I'm sorry, everyone. Li has been blocked by something. Thank you for waiting for a long time. Ah!" Li Zhenhai suddenly changed his face and gave a loud cry. They saw Li Zhenhai's face changed, as if surprised, and the people in the lobby looked at him one after another. But Li Zhenhai was shocked and immediately recovered. He looked at the crowd and raised his hand and said, "I'm sorry, everyone. I'm not feeling well recently. I'm rude. Forgive me. Forgive me." Li Zhenhai said that no matter what others said, he sat directly on his seat, Inflatable bouncer ,Inflatable water obstacle course, closed his eyes and rested, looking very relaxed. Then his heart was very shocked, just now the body of the evil burial tower suddenly stretched, as if to crack, can be shocked by a cold sweat, but on this occasion, he knew not to let others see, immediately pretended to be nothing, to say uncomfortable, and then closed his eyes to show no harm. Disciple He Qimang, who was standing behind him, was worried. "Master, are you all right?" He said in Li Zhenhai's ear. Li Zhenhai gently shook his head, and then no longer moved, how reckless a little peace of mind. However, Li Zhenhai's gaffe just now made all the people present suspicious. In the city of the West Ming Dynasty, there was a lot of movement for the ranking of factions. Li Zhenhai developed a small school into the first school today. It was really the envy of others. If something happened to Li Zhenhai, it would be his own chance. On the surface, he didn't say anything, but he wished Li Zhenhai was possessed by the devil. Deacon Jiang was born in the tenth Cang He Sect, but he was very good at cultivation. In addition, he was fair and strict, so he was elected as one of the twelve deacons. He was a person who dared to speak and was very popular. Today, this matter is mainly about the disappearance of some small sects, so it is more appropriate for him to be the host. "Everybody," he said, "let's get down to business. Today, I invite you here to talk about the mysterious disappearance of some small sects of the Western Star Department." A Tie was still blown far away by the huge explosion, shaking his ears, half ringing to stabilize his body, and then smoothed his clothes and flew down, but the result he saw still disappointed a Tie. Just now that crystal grenade is terrible, the largest atomic bomb in the Federation is not so powerful, how can it not work, then what should we do? "Robot Xiuzhen Legend" Netizens Upload Chapter 8 of the Body of Demon Fall Chapter 1 of the Demon Tower Explosion In the Mingming Pavilion of the West Ming City, the leaders of the various factions had all arrived and sat down. The presiding officer, Deacon Jiang, folded his fists and said, "Everyone, please be quiet and listen to Jiang's words. We invite you to discuss today because some strange things have happened to the West Star Department during this period of time." There was a discussion in the hall, and the scene became chaotic. Someone asked, "What strange thing happened?" Deacon Jiang waved his hand and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, please listen to me. Recently, some small sects of our West Star Department have disappeared inexplicably." The hall opened up again, and Hua Ping, the Green Phoenix Fairy of the Flying Arrow Gate, immediately asked, "Old Jiang, what happened?" Other people also looked at Jiang Deacon doubtfully, Li Zhenhai narrowed into a line of eyes from time to time issued a cold light, looking at the look of everyone in the field, the head of the Mingyue Sect Chang Xiaohao eyes flashed, heart way, this matter finally shook out. Deacon Jiang coughed and said, "Listen to me. It was discovered by accident. As we all know, our Ximing Galaxy is very big and there are many sects. The bigger sects are all located in Ximing City, while some of the smaller sects are located on remote planets. They seldom go out and seldom associate with you,large inflatable water slide, so they are basically isolated from the world.". Some time ago, Jiangmou went to Wuyingxing to collect some Tianjingshi and visited Jinyimen on Wuyingxing by the way. He didn't want to, but found that Jinyimen had disappeared. 。