Welcome to Nightmare Game II

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The weakness of the body brings a strong sense of insecurity,

The weakness of the body brings a strong sense of insecurity, there is no camera peep, Qi Le people steadily took out the physical potion to drink up, quietly waiting for the body to adjust. Now his constitution is much better than before. Even if he was trained by the devil that day, the next day he could continue to be exercised vigorously without pain in his waist and legs. Chen Baiqi was very satisfied and praised him for being much better than the ghost she used to look like a dead dog every day. Qi Le people felt that she was also very hard to blacken herself. With his strength restored, Qi Le stood up and continued to walk forward, taking every step carefully. The scope of the underground building is so large that it is not clear whether it is an air defense facility or a real underground research Institute, but from the layout, it is not a particularly high-tech type, but a Soviet-style architectural style of the Cold War era. The most incredible thing is that this underground building is electrified! When Qile people go to the closed gate and press the switch, the iron gate will still open, it seems that after entering the inside, there is no detection system of the laser channel. What the hell is this place? With doubts in mind, Qi Le continued to walk cautiously. The underground space is so big that there are even elevators leading to deeper underground levels. Unable to read alien text, Qile people can only guess from the icons that there are danger warning signs everywhere, probably not air defense facilities, but may be underground military bases built to prevent nuclear war. But when this gate opened, the picture that appeared in front of him made Qi Le people forget many guesses and affirmed his original expectation. This is an underground research Institute! The room was the size of two basketball courts,x56 line pipe, and all the walls, ceilings and floors were covered with strong pipes, which made it impossible to tell where the light came from. In the center of the room, countless column-shaped culture chambers spread from his eyes to the end of the room like rows and rows of pillars. Each chamber was connected to pipes that provided them with oxygen and nutrients in the days when they operated, but after the underground fortress was abandoned, the nutrients had become turbid and the contents of the chamber had long died. It is simply a scene that can only be seen in science fiction movies, Qi Le thought,uns s32750 sheet, and approached the cultivation warehouse. There was something faintly visible in the dirty liquid, and considering that it had been abandoned for many years, there was no doubt that the creatures inside were dead, but they were not rotten. What on earth is in the cultivation warehouse? Qi Le took out his flashlight and wanted to shine on what was inside, but just as he took out his flashlight from the prop bar, he heard a crisp sound of "Ka". Perhaps in the past he would not have suddenly realized what it was, but now, even hearing it in a dream could make him jump out of bed and fight back-it was the sound of opening the safety catch of a pistol! Without thinking, Qi Leren flashed into the training warehouse and crouched down. He took out the gun that Chen Baiqi had given him and held it in his hand. But after a short thought, he decided not to attack rashly. Instead, he asked aloud, "He Yi?" “…… Qi Le Ren? He Yi's voice came from behind another incubator, a333 grade 6 pipe ,uns c68700, and it was frighteningly hoarse. Sure enough, it's He Yi! With the gun in his hand behind his back, Qi Le slowly walked out from behind the barn, but did not dare to leave the bunker too far: "What happened to you and Mark?"? Then I got into Annie's house, and I found the attic above her house, and I found the pipe from the wall to the basement, and that's where you came down, right? He Yi, who was hiding behind the incubator, was silent for a while and slowly came out. He did not look well, his lips were chapped and his eyes were red. Instead of relaxing his vigilance, he continued to aim his gun at Qi Le and snapped, "Hold out your right hand." Qi Le slowly stretched out his right hand behind his back, but the pistol in his hand had been quietly replaced by a dagger, and he was not sure if the invisible camera following him had been turned off, so he could not take out the gun, which was difficult to explain its origin, and he did not need to use it-to deal with a gun. There's no need for another gun. "Ding", the dagger was thrown on the ground by Qi Le, he raised his hand, showing a sincere look: "What happened? You're not in a good condition right now. "Don't talk, come in front of me and listen to my instructions." He Yi looked cold and his eyes were full of doubt. All right, I'll do it. Don't be nervous. I mean no harm. Qi Le walked slowly to the front of He Yi and voluntarily handed him the back of his head. He felt the tension of He Yi at this time, what on earth made him so surprised and frightened? In connection with this underground research Institute, Qi Leren faintly guessed that He Yi already knew about the octopus, and he knew that the octopus had been parasitic on this group of contestants. At this moment, he could not be sure whether the Qile people who suddenly appeared in front of him had been parasitized. But he obviously did not intend to kill him, otherwise he could do it now, what means did he have to detect whether he was infected? He Yi pointed his gun at Qi Le's head and continued to say hoarsely, "Go forward, through this door, and take the corridor on the left.." The two men walked through the corridor one after the other, through the labyrinthine underground research Institute. He Yi, who had come a few days earlier, was obviously more familiar with the route than Qi Le Ren. He pointed to Qi Le Ren all the way to the third floor underground, and then stopped in front of a metal gate. Press the switch to open the door. Qi Le did so, the gate opened, and the room inside came into view. This is a room like a medical room, with some props that look like medical instruments. Suddenly realizing what it was, Qi Le Ren glanced at He Yi, who stood in front of a monitor and directed Qi Le Ren to stand by the wall opposite him. He Yi this guy,x60 line pipe, is to confirm whether he has been parasitized, Qi Le people know in their hearts. A blue light curtain swept over Qi Le's body, and He Yi stared at the monitor and finally breathed a sigh of relief. lksteelpipe.com