Forty thousand years of cultivation

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"There is also the" high-dimensional universe loophole theory ",

"There is also the" high-dimensional universe loophole theory ", which holds that above the three-dimensional universe, there are four-dimensional, five-dimensional and eleven-dimensional high-dimensional universes, and between these high-dimensional universes and the three-dimensional universe, there are some cracks or loopholes, through which the ordinary energy of the high-dimensional universe continuously pours into the three-dimensional universe and turns into spiritual energy. Ordinary star systems do not have such "high-dimensional loopholes", and no matter how good the natural conditions are, it is impossible to produce psionic and intelligent life. Long Yangjun nodded and said, "Yes, this is the second of the three most mainstream'psionic hypotheses'. Then you must know the third hypothesis, that is, the'prehistoric wisdom theory '?" Without hesitation, Li Yao said quickly, "On a planet with living beings, after hundreds of millions of years of vicissitudes, under the action of geological movement and high temperature and pressure, the corpses of prehistoric organisms can form coal, oil and other energy sources. Although the utilization efficiency is not high, they can also support a relatively primitive civilization, but only by relying on these energy sources." It's hard for this civilization to break out of the star system. So, if the corpses of prehistoric creatures can become energy under certain conditions,x56 line pipe, is it possible for the spirit and will of prehistoric intelligent life to become another kind of energy? The sea of stars is vast and time is infinite. Our universe has existed for at least hundreds of billions of years. Before human civilization, there were Pangu and Nuwa civilizations. How many civilizations were there before Pangu and Nuwa? In theory, ten thousand or a million civilizations are possible. If the super civilization billions of years ago, individuals have been able to cultivate to a hundred times the powerful realm of human deification, how powerful are their spirits and wills? After the death of such a peerless strong man, will the soul and will disappear completely? Is it possible to transform into a new form, a form of pure energy, under the influence of cosmic radiation,x60 line pipe, space fluctuations and other conditions? "The so-called'prehistoric wisdom hypothesis' holds that the psionic power we use now is the spirit and will of countless powerful people in advanced civilizations billions of years ago, but it is highly compressed, completely condensed, completely transformed, and can not see its true face, just as you can not imagine that it was originally a dinosaur when you see a pool of crude oil." But I personally do not agree with this hypothesis, just think about it, you can think of two questions. First, if the so-called'psionic power 'is the spirit and will left behind by the super-strong of the former higher civilization, then tracing back to the source, billions of years ago, there was always an'initial civilization', this is the first generation of civilization, where did its strong go to absorb psionic power to practice? Without psionic energy, how can we break through the mother planet and star system and create the initial glory? "Secondly, x52 line pipe ,321 stainless steel sheet, a very important means of cultivation is to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon. It can be seen that stellar radiation is also a major source of psionic energy. How can this be explained?" "It's simple." Long Yangjun smiled and said, "The three hypotheses of psionic sources are not necessarily independent and completely separated from each other. They can also complement each other or even be completely superimposed." First of all, billions of years ago, the Archaic Big Bang created the whole universe, and during the Big Bang, countless extremely high temperatures and extremely sharp fragments were blown out, tearing thousands of cracks in the three-dimensional universe, which can lead to the four-dimensional and even higher dimensional universe, leaking from the high-dimensional universe. It has been watered into a'rich world 'or a'vast world' everywhere. With the nourishment of the energy of the high-dimensional universe, these vast worlds gradually produced the initial civilization. The strong people of the initial civilization constantly studied the energy from the high-dimensional universe. In the process of evolution, they gradually merged their emotions, wills and spirits with these high-dimensional energies and became the embryonic form of psionic energy. "For billions of years, there have been countless kinds of advanced intelligent life in the universe. After the fall of the strongest of these super civilizations, they are all integrated into the" sea of energy "throughout the universe in some form, and become the psionic energy used by human beings today. Therefore, you can regard psionic energy as the" ancestral civilization "of human civilization for future generations! "As for stars that can also generate psionic energy, that's even simpler. You should know that not all star radiation is conducive to cultivation. Most star radiation is only the most basic light and heat." So, will there be some super-intelligent life, originally living in the stars, or even the stars themselves are a kind of super-intelligent life, but have long been'dead '? Li Yao listens to be stupefied: "Wait, wait, wait, what do you want to say after all, what relation does this have with Yu Neng?" "Of course it matters." Long Yangjun said earnestly, "If we say that psionic energy comes from the emotions, wills and spirits of countless generations of intelligent life over billions of years, don't you think it's too wasteful to use it simply as a kind of energy?"? It's like digging out the best quality oil from the ground, but only igniting it to burn, completely unable to release its true power! "What I want to say is that the so-called psionic power is the residual emotion, will and spirit of prehistoric intelligent life, but in the billions of years of cosmic changes, it has gradually entered a dormant state, and 99% of its power has been sealed." Human civilization now uses psionic power in a very primitive way, without activating its real power at all. This is the feeling of sitting on a treasure mountain, but treating gold and crystal as stones. In a word, psionic is not the opposite of psionic, but the higher form of psionic. Psionic is the fully activated psionic, and psionics is the dormant state of Psionic! Li Yao said incredulously, "It sounds reasonable, but what evidence is there?" "Of course there is no direct evidence, otherwise how can it be called a hypothesis?" Long Yangjun smiled and said, "But isn't it the best evidence that I can use it at will?"? Not only me, you can also, open your heart, let the spirit travel through billions of years, to feel the deepest power of psionics, listen to the roar of countless civilizations in the war of conquering the universe and the unwillingness to fall one after another,uns s32760 plate, you can also inherit the spirit and will of these ancient civilizations, unlock the "seal" wrapped around psionics, and turn it into a hundred times stronger psionic energy! 。