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"They are all elite." Tang Fan felt the breath and said to himself.

"They are all elite." Tang Fan felt the breath and said to himself. Indeed, the care of the generals, the elite will be sent over, as his men. The elite is naturally very good, but the elite also has the same characteristics, unruly and untamed. I am Tang Fan, a subordinate general. Welcome to come. Tang Fan showed a smile and said. Lord Tang Fan, I am Jamie, a superior soldier. I am an elite superior soldier. In my philosophy, I only obey those who are stronger than me. A soldier on Ray's left took a small step forward and said in a loud voice. The subordinate general, Lord Tang Fan. I am a superior soldier, Tyrone, and an elite superior soldier. My idea is very simple. Whoever wants to lead me must be stronger than me, otherwise, he is not qualified. A soldier on Ray's right also took a small step forward. Said in a loud voice. The other soldiers in the first platoon, though, did not speak. But the way they looked, it was like they agreed with Jamie and Tyrone, as if. Jamie and Tyrone. It's like a spokesman for them. But Tang Fan can see that they are led by Lei in the middle, although Lei did not say a word, but Tang Fan has this feeling. I hear you, who else has this idea? Tang Fan's expression is flat and his tone is flat. They were not annoyed by the words of the two superior soldiers, which surprised Ray and others. In their imaginations. At this time, by such unreasonable confrontation of Tang Fan, should be angry, even if forced to hold back, at least, the heart is also very unhappy. However, this Tang Fan,Granite Slab Supplier, but did not hold back the performance of anger, on the contrary, and their words do not care about the appearance, which makes Lei and others, very surprised, very puzzled. In fact, if Tang Fan reacts to what Jamie and Tyrone have said, then they must be punished, and the so-called disobedience they say is false, even if they are disobedient from the heart,Pietra Gray Marble, on the surface, they must obey, because the discipline of Yongye is very strict. However, the apparent obedience, is not what Tang Fan wants, there is something, do not do their best, in case there is any mistake, do not say that the punishment is not punished, just unnecessary losses, it will not work. What's more, reacting to superiors is like snitching to prove one's incompetence. Tang Fan is thinking, those generals, these elite sent over, certainly also saved some thoughts, see Tang Fan is how to rely on their own ability, surrender these elite. Tang Fan's words, the people did not answer, but their expressions told Tang Fan, their ideas, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,grey marble slab, that is, not convinced. Your idea is a little close to mine, but what I think is that my men can't be waste. If they are waste, I won't take a thousand, ten thousand or a hundred thousand. Tang Fan said rudely. Lord Tang Fan, the subordinate general, we are not useless, we are elite. "Jamie took the lead and couldn't help retorting, his face flushed and his voice stern." Don't be in a hurry. I didn't say you were useless. Tang Fan did not care about the faint smile, way, the other side now, is his soldiers, but he called "junior war Tang Fan adult" this kind of name, is obviously not respect for Tang Fan, but Tang Fan now did not care about this, he knows that these guys' minds, are thorns, if you want them to obey completely, it must suppress their arrogance. Let them know that this war will be powerful. But whether you are useless or not is not up to you, nor is it up to me. Everything depends on your strength. Tang Fan turned his head and said. Suddenly, the thunder also could not help but get angry, a face of anger, step forward. Lord Tang Fan, the subordinate general, I am Lei, the elite superior soldier. Now, I will gamble my honor and challenge you. Thunder shouted, his voice like thunder: "If I lose, from now on, I will obey you wholeheartedly. If you lose, just report the situation to your superiors and transfer me back." Ray's words immediately aroused the response and support of the soldiers in the front rows. It can be seen that Lei is still very prestigious in this group of people, and this is exactly what Tang Fan hopes. If a person without much prestige challenges himself and is defeated by himself, when the time comes, others will refuse to accept it, and people will constantly challenge him, not to mention the consequences, just many battles, Tang Fan will be bored to death. And if it's a very prestigious person to challenge, after defeating him, others will feel convinced. But for the sake of insurance, Tang Fan decided to handle it safely. I can accept your challenge, but I have to accept the challenge of the most powerful one of you, otherwise, I don't have so much time to challenge one after another. Tang Fan said. Ray can represent all of us. His challenge is our challenge. Jamie said. Yes, Ray is the strongest among us. If you defeat Ray, we are no match for you. I, Tyrone, obey you absolutely. Tyrone also made a statement, followed by other superior soldiers, one after another, to show their meaning. Would you like to accept my challenge, Lord Tang Fan, the subordinate general? Lei Dao. I accept your challenge. Tang Fandao. Volume IV 457 Ray Admits Defeat ? 457 Ray gives up The open space in front of the Castle of Eternal Life is not small, accommodating thousands of people, and open space, but now, thousands of people scattered around to stand, giving up a huge open space in the middle, while Tang Fan and Lei stood more than ten meters apart, looking at each other. This open space is to be used as a place for Tang Fan and Lei to fight. Ray's challenge to Tang Fan. I will go all out, will not retain, in case of injury to the war will adults, war will adults do not blame. Ray said stiffly. You can beat me with all your strength. I'll give you the position of the junior general. Tang Fan said lightly. As it happens,Carrara Marble Slab, Tang Fan also intends to test the power of death bondage and bone-crushing air strikes. Thunder, the nine-level peak demigod, is undoubtedly quite suitable.