The life I want.

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It's not that I can't accept homosexuality, I even thought it was nothing at one time,

It's not that I can't accept homosexuality, I even thought it was nothing at one time, and I often indulged in the beautiful artistic conception of Tanbi novels, fantasizing about the beautiful immortal couple. But when this kind of thing really happened around me, I couldn't accept it. Because one of them is my most beloved brother. He is my idol and my pride since childhood. And the other is the kind of man I've been dreaming about all my life. I know if I get along with Jane Moon for a long time, I will fall in love with him. But why is there such a relationship between them? And knowing the truth, what kind of mood will I use to face them? I can't imagine. I try to straighten out my thoughts slowly and try to analyze them rationally. But I found that my mind was already in a mess. In this way, I sat in the bathtub for an afternoon, until Wu Si asked me to eat, I stood up blankly. At the dinner table, I told myself to be rational and not to think about it as if nothing had happened. I took the bottle to drink with Zhang Xing as usual, laughing and playing with the two little bees, but my heart was as uncomfortable as if someone had put a piece of waste, which made me breathless. Listening to the clatter of wine glasses, noise and laughter, I suddenly felt very strange. Unconsciously, the picture of the second brother helping Jane Yue to block the wine and pick up the food is faintly in the light. I remember Zhang Xing patted me on the shoulder in the noise and said, "Xi Ya, you are a ***ing coward today. You just drank a few bottles and now you are tall." I took his eyes, "who his mother is tall, with my strength to fight three hundred rounds I can put you down one by one, do you believe it?" Then I began to look for the bottle of Wuliang Liquid. "Come on, I'll pick the white one with you today." As soon as Zhang Xing saw my posture, he immediately looked at Wu Si and said,Marble Granite Price, "I believe, I believe, who are you?" I am particularly proud of a high head: "That is, who am I?" Then he bent down and vomited all the things in his stomach on Wu Si, who was helping me. When I woke up the next day, it was dark. I got up in a daze and felt a pain in my head as if it was about to crack. In the darkness, a hand reached out and pushed me down and said, "Don't move, my head doesn't hurt." This startled me. I shouted at him,white marble mosaic, "Your uncle Wu Si, are you sick? You don't turn on the light in the dark, and you scare people to play in the dark." As a result, I realized that my voice was very hoarse when I finished speaking, and I was like a gentleman. Wu Si opened the door beside the bed, handed me a glass of water and said, "Why did you start kicking as soon as you got up?". I am not sick, and it is your young lady who is sick. I don't know what you did yesterday. You just drank a little wine and vomited. The Yellow River flooded and burned to nearly 40 degrees. I think they bought fake wine and filled you with methanol. Come on, take this medicine first. Only then did I know that I was ill, took the medicine, and all the things that happened yesterday came back. I thought of my brother and Jane Moon, and I thought of the kiss. I wish it was all a dream. How about it? Do you feel better? Come on, lie down. If you have a fever, you have to sweat more. I turned on the warm air of the air conditioner in this room today. I looked at Wu Si smiling at my eyes under the pale yellow light, which was not only a joking smile, but also full of care and tenderness, which suddenly made me want to cry. I rolled over, Calacatta Nano Glass ,pietra gray marble, turned my back to him, and tears slowly ran down the bridge of my nose to the pillow. I said in a hoarse voice, "I still feel uncomfortable and want to sleep again." Wu Si sighed, said nothing, and turned off the light again. In the darkness, I heard him gently put down the cup, gently tucked me in the quilt, gently took the coat, and gently closed the door. When the door closed, I opened my eyes in the dark, and tears came down. I don't know why I'm crying, I just want to cry, I want to cry. In fact, this is my usual way of life. From small to large, the same habit, no matter what happens, happy, painful, always a person, a person, a person to experience. Maybe when I am happy, I will find someone to play, so that other people can feel my happiness. But when I am in pain, I just stay in a dark room alone, looking at the sky at night, feeling and digesting alone. No matter how painful it is, I just hide it in my heart and feel it slowly without telling anyone. Because I know they won't help me even if I say it. They are not me, they can't understand, so even to my parents. I never tell them anything about me at school or with my friends. I put these things in my heart, sometimes I can't bear it, so I can't breathe, so I find someone to go to the shopping mall, to spend money, to vent. If it doesn't work, I'll find a place where no one can see and have a good cry. I remember there is a sentence in Piao Piao, "Tomorrow is a new day.". To tell you the truth, I can't be so handsome, because I can't forget them. I remember them all in my heart. But I know that one day I will open up, I will forget, and I will get new experience from it. Besides, after experiencing a pain, if you go through it again in the future, you won't feel so painful. Don't people have immunity? Even the heart is like this. Therefore, I now want to consider slowly, a person to calm down to consider to analyze, I need a space of their own. Know that many friends do not like their relationship, but I still wrote, ha ha, some people are not already guessed it? I wrote it a long time ago, so I posted it, and everyone will read it! And, and, leave me a message! 18 In the dim light, I remembered the days when I was a child. That should be the happiest day of my life. From an early age,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, parents are very busy. At that time, I often lived in the fourth brother's house, and the fourth brother's mother was my aunt. She is very kind to me and treats me like her own daughter.