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"If at the beginning, you really refused the chief's request,

"If at the beginning, you really refused the chief's request, perhaps we should really scold you at this time, you forget that we Qingcheng was established for so many years for what to engage in confrontation with the Mayans?"? Since it's a death anyway, why can't we try, maybe, maybe we can find a life in it, don't you think, Xiao Rui? Jing Wen pulled Xiao Rui. Xiao Rui also nodded and looked at me with only incomparable firmness in her eyes. Little devils, how can this kind of thing be without me … Wahaha.. Rotten came in and waved to us, as if he had not seen the eyes of Zhongguan. Five people from the National Security Bureau, led by Qingyi Lian, came in and came to the front of Zhongguan. They gave a very standard military salute and said with a straight face, "Qingyi Lian, Xiaosi, Xiaosi, Cancer, and Xiaowai under the command of the National Security Bureau are under the banner of Qingcheng from today on. They are at the disposal of Qingcheng!" "Come on …" "The lazy boy put his arms around Qingyi Lian's shoulders from behind and said mockingly," It's enough for you,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, these prudish people, to wait for our orders from Qingcheng. Don't make trouble. We can't afford to worship these great gods. " Qingfeilian turned his head and said, "Lazy boy, your words are too serious. The purpose of the existence of our National Security Bureau coincides with that of your Qingcheng. It is also for the peace of the world to fight in the front line of the battle. We all have the same enemy, and it is sooner or later to unite." "Oh, don't say so much. Lazy boy is afraid that you will take his credit after you join. He is like this." "Wen Ning laughed aside and made faces at the lazy boy." You "The lazy boy was so angry that he wanted to do something with her. He was pulled down by Jingwen. Jingwen laughed and said," It's true to ask Ning. The lazy boy's utilitarianism is indeed a little heavy. But for the current situation,brushless gear motor, utilitarianism is a good thing. At least there will be a driving force to push it forward. Maybe it's because of this driving force that we can support it to the end and win the final victory! " It has to be said that Jing Wen's words are really provocative, but now no one is mocking the utilitarian nature of lazy children. Not only that, the atmosphere of everyone was stirred up by these words. They were like a reassuring needle. The sadness on their faces was spread out, replaced by a firm confidence and a desire to win. No one's face showed a trace of worry, and no one thought about whether it would succeed or not, because they all knew that no matter what the result would be, no matter whether the world would be destroyed or not, as long as Qingcheng was still there, as long as those who had not given up were still there, there would be hope. Whether it is the Mayans or Jidu Star, these are just the tests that the whole world needs to go through when it enters a new era. As long as it grits its teeth and passes this test, the light will surely come! Everyone was talking and laughing, and the atmosphere in the field was extremely active. Even the middle management sisters were inserted into us from time to time and talked to us. They did not have the usual lofty posture at all. Seeing that everyone was not depressed, I suddenly felt confident and full of strength. Not only that, 24v Gear Motor ,Vending Machine Motor, even Ozu, who had just come here for a short time, Also showed a lovely faint smile, seems to be rendered by us. That evening, all the people in Qingcheng gathered together. It was very rare that all of us gathered on the huge drill ground under Qingcheng. Then we played the side stove, ate hot pot, surrounded the stove, and talked respectfully. Before the final battle came, it undoubtedly made everyone's body and mind relax greatly. For a long time, for the sake of the Maya, our nerves were tense all the time. The fists we clenched and the swords in our hands were all stained with the blood of the Maya. Our existence was the death of the Maya. However, tonight, we can finally come to a complete relief, although only temporary, there is a more dangerous battle coming, but we do not care, we have never been afraid. Many years later, when the heroes who fought in the front line for the peace of all mankind are talked about, these heroes have already laughed about it, and they may remember how many Mayans were killed that day and how much power was consumed that day. However, what they remember more clearly is that on the eve of the final battle, one night, they and all the partners of Qingcheng were drunk on a broad lawn, everyone's face was red, and everyone was enjoying the cold wind. Is it cold? Maybe, but we don't think so. I saw the most sincere, sincere and brilliant smile on everyone's face that I haven't seen for a long time. Ling Hongkeng, more than two o'clock, drunk quietly receded, I climbed up, all around is lying down. The weather began to get colder. I waved my hand. A huge circle of energy covered the whole lawn. Heat came out from it. The sound of calm breathing came from everyone. I looked at the others quietly and smiled at the corners of my mouth. The feeling of home, absolutely. Jing Wen quietly got up from the edge, squinted his eyes and said with a slight smile, "Why can't you sleep?" The wind was blowing over the two of us, our hair was stirred up, and the two faces with clear water chestnuts were full of vicissitudes of life. So are you.. "I chuckled." That's different.. He gave me a sly smile. "I woke up naturally. I didn't sleep much. And you, I don't understand, how did you wake up suddenly? I know that every morning, if you don't lift your quilt, you can't move." I rubbed my hands and said, "That's not necessarily true. People change sometimes. Don't be too absolute." "Hey, hey.." "He laughed twice and then stopped talking. After a while, he turned his head and asked,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm," Why, are you worried about that day, or are you worried about Lingxuan? " 。