Noble pet pet girl by pastoral bubble

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"Cousin is in a bad mood today." Not as good as my cousin's voice.

"Cousin is in a bad mood today." Not as good as my cousin's voice. Jinyi Banquet stuck to Su Jiao's ear, gently spitting out the two words, Su Jiao's original stiff white face blushed, her lips trembled for a long time and did not say it. It seems that my cousin is still happy to stab ink. "Xiang, Xiang Gong." As soon as Su Jiao heard the word "tattoo", she was so frightened that she immediately spit out the two words, but after that, her cheeks turned red and her little head hung almost to her chest, so she couldn't lift it at all. That's nice. "" Jinyi Banquet enjoyed a light laugh, fingertips point to Su Jiao's lips, voice hoarse way: "These two words from my cousin's mouth, how so nice to hear it." Cousin, say it again. With the first time there will be a second time, Su Jiao did not know how many times she was forced to say by Jinyi Banquet, she only knew that night although she did not prick ink, but was Jinyi Banquet spent three crabapple flowers on her body with a brush, when the delicate and greasy touch of the brush was scratched on her skin, the Jinyi banquet on her body actually forced her to call the two words. Su Jiao was too ashamed to lift her face,smart board for conference room, and finally even cried out the two words while being kissed for a long time by Jinyi Banquet, especially in the place where three crabapple flowers were painted, no matter how she begged for mercy, even her charming voice was hoarse. Moonlight night has passed, when Su Jiao got up from the embroidery couch in a daze, she saw the thin quilt on the embroidery couch in a mess, and smelled the faint cold fragrance of Jinyi Banquet. Su Jiao threw the thin quilt to the ground with a red face,smart board interactive whiteboard, and then reached out to cover her chest, only to see a small and delicate crabapple flower blooming coquettishly, which made the white skin more greasy, and the delicate roots and leaves of the carved crabapple flower winding up, almost trying to break through the corner of her skirt. Su Jiao suddenly pulled her skirt, took a big breath, and saw Xiujin come in with a clean copper basin. Girl, have you recovered from your headache? Xiujin's eyes first fell on the thin quilt on the ground. She frowned and picked up the thin quilt from the ground and held it in her arms. Then she looked up at Su Jiao leaning against the embroidered couch with a crimson face. The white cloth on her forehead had been removed. At the moment, her eyes were dull and she did not know what she was thinking. Her eyes were misty with water vapor. Hearing Xiujin's words, Su Jiao woke up with a start. She covered her forehead subconsciously and hesitated: "Oh, OK, OK, you, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,interactive panel board, you go out first. I'll wash myself.." Su Jiao's voice was somewhat hoarse, probably crying for a long time last night, with a little gritty feeling. Xiujin hesitated to look at Su Jiao, but did not speak too much, only told Su Jiao today's clean clothes placed on the wood, and when washing the face, don't forget to add sesame oil to go in, then lifted the bead curtain and went out. Seeing the figure of Xiujin disappear in the inner room, Su Jiao hurriedly stepped on the embroidered shoes and ran to the flower prism to look at her forehead carefully, only to see that the original crabapple flower in the forehead had disappeared, replaced by three other crabapple flowers painted on her body. But just think of the position of the last crabapple flower, Su Jiao felt that her whole person was not right, especially a pair of Xiujin looked at the eyes, will subconsciously flash back, big almond eyes randomly around, very guilty. Girl, drink some Sydney juice to moisten your throat, but yesterday you opened the window while the maidservants were away? "How is the trouble of this headache just right, is the voice suddenly hoarse again?" Xiujin frowned and handed Su Jiao the Sydney juice at hand. Then she reached out her hand to probe Su Jiao's forehead and said, "I don't have a fever. It should be nothing. But according to the maidservant, I still need to find a doctor to have a look. I heard that there was a female doctor in the pulse pillow hall a few days ago. She has excellent medical skills. Wait for the maidservant to find a little servant girl to check the girl's pulse, so that the maidservants can rest assured.". ” As Xiujin spoke, she turned around and told Xiuzhu behind her to go outside and let the little servant girl invite the female doctor to come over. Su Jiao lay lazily on the beauty's couch. Hearing Xiujin's words, she did not refute them. She just lifted her eyelids lightly and said, "What female doctor?" "The new female doctor in the Pulse Pillow Hall, I heard that she used to be a female doctor who treated the empress in the palace." Xiujin half knelt beside Su Jiao and reached out to pinch her bones and muscles. Xiujin skillfully pinched Su Jiao's arm and pressed it carefully. On weekdays, Su Jiao must have praised her. But today, she was not in the mood at all. Instead, she was a little anxious to pull her arm out of Xiujin's hand. Her voice was a little difficult: "No, don't pinch it. You go to see if the food in the kitchen is ready. Bring it to me." Yesterday that Jinyi banquet to her and bite and lick, she basically did not have a good piece of meat, just by Xiujin a pinch, Su Jiao the whole person is a clever. Xiujin withdrew his hand and got up, looking at Su Jiao's eyes even more confused, but still did not say anything, only that pair of eyes fixed looking at Su Jiao for a long time, only let Su Jiao more guilty to move away. Girl, the kitchen sent someone to send the bird's medicinal porridge. Xiuzhu came in with a bowl of sparrow medicinal porridge, and Su Jiao saw at a glance the dark red porridge soup and the strong smell of medicinal liquor. Su Jiao raised her wide sleeve to cover her nose and pushed Xiuzhu out of the way: "Go away quickly. What's the taste? I don't want to eat this. Change some other food.." Xiuzhu was pushed by Su Jiao, and the bird's medicinal porridge in her hand almost overturned. Fortunately, her hands and feet were quickly stabilized in time. Girl, where is the bird so easy to find in this winter? The ingredients of this bird's medicinal porridge were sent to the girl by King Jing Huai this morning. The girl dared not brush her good intentions. Come on,smart interactive whiteboard, eat it quickly. Xiuzhu reached out to scoop up the bird's medicinal porridge in front of her and handed the white porcelain spoon to Su Jiao. I don't want it, you take it away quickly. It stinks. Su Jiao turned her head and looked reluctant. Xiuzhu put down the bird medicine porridge in her hand and came forward to persuade her, but Su Jiao refused to eat it. The two of them were deadlocked until Xiujin came in with the female doctor from the outer room and saw the two of them sitting cross-eyed with a face. Chapter 75 75.