I'll sing me to you.

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Fan Huaiyuan stroked his forehead with his hand and said,

Fan Huaiyuan stroked his forehead with his hand and said, "Don't do anything first. He didn't say he wouldn't give it to us. He sent someone to keep an eye on it these two days. Let's see what they say first, and then we'll make a decision." Say that finish, then let Chao Zi drive the car away. After putting down the stone on the way, Du Xiaochao drove around and finally asked, "Brother, where are you going?" Fan Huaiyuan did not think much about it, but only said where he and Duan Wenxi lived. As soon as he finished speaking, he was stunned for a moment, and then changed his words to say other places to Du Xiaochao. Du Xiaochao only gave a hum, did not talk much, and drove quietly. Fan Huaiyuan watched the pedestrians, buildings and shops on both sides of the car disappear quickly behind him. Suddenly, he felt very tired. He missed the food cooked by Duan Wenxi. In fact, he was not picky about eating. He was very happy-go-lucky. But at the moment, he missed the human fireworks in the cabin very much, even if it was only porridge and side dishes. Fan Huaiyuan looked at some young women working on the roadside in a hurry, wondering what Duan Wenxi was doing. He never asked her about her work. He only remembered that she called him happily that day to say that she had found a job. I don't know if she works smoothly, if she gets along well with her colleagues, and if she learns to be good to herself. In fact,smart board touch screen, the days with Duan Wenxi are limited, and those things are recalled over and over again, but Fan Huaiyuan is still very grateful, after all, he still has these memories of the time with her. Chapter 17 (II) Duan Wenxi did not leave the house where she had lived with Fan Huaiyuan. As for why, she could not tell the reason. Anyway, she was still persistent in staying there. Of course, it was inevitable that she would inadvertently think of Fan Huaiyuan. At the moment when she first recalled it,smart boards for conference rooms, her heart was always painful, and then she was in a daze for a long time. That disc, Fan Huaiyuan has been left there, and did not take it away, Duan Wenxi one day because really can not sleep, get up to see the film in a pile of discs to find it, holding the disc, tightly watching it, the heart can not say what is the taste. Finally, Duan Wenxi stood up, folded the plate in half, threw it into the trash can, just threw it in, thought for a moment, interactive boards for classrooms ,interactive touch screens education, picked it up again, folded it in half again, until it was folded into small pieces. As soon as she did this, she became more and more sleepy. Duan Wenxi did not know what to think of. She took out the violin that had been left for a long time. She had not played it for a long time. The last time was at the farewell party at graduation. When I was young, I saw a little girl wearing a white skirt with two pigtails and carrying the piano to find the teacher every evening. I was very envious and had great courage. For the first time, I made a request to Zhang Lanzhi. Although I got what I wanted, I also heard a lot of gossip from Zhang Lanzhi. But Duan Wenxi was still very happy, because after all, her wish came true. Later, she learned that playing it well was far from as beautiful as she saw, but because the opportunity was not easy, so even though it was difficult, she was willing to grit her teeth and persevere. Up to now, there are still cocoon marks left by practicing the piano on her fingers. Duan Wenxi opened the piano case, gently took out the piano, looked at it for a long time, tried to play it, practiced two notes, and then went to the balcony of the room. The moonlight was very good, and the ground was clear, but gradually into autumn, the climate was a little cool, facing the bright scenery half dark, standing there quietly. She held the harp for a while, then slowly put it on her shoulder and gently pulled it up. The notes slowly flowed out of the strings. The music was smooth and pleasant, but there was a touch of sadness. She only pulled a few times, then stopped, and went back to the room, turned on the computer, slowly played the song, but Duan Wenxi has been playing only one song, repeatedly listened to it over and over again, the music has been non-stop, and Duan Wenxi listened to the song I do not know what to think, at this time, all quiet, only the low song wandering in the room over and over again. "I want to sing me to you, and now I am young like a flower." Flowers bloom to your heart's content Decorate your years My branches and buds Who can replace you Love to your heart's content While you are young Dearest one It's a long way to go Let's be together I'll sing to you Give me your innocent smile We should have happy happy sunny times I'll sing to you Touch you with my burning feelings How are you? Time is worth remembering Nostalgia Shy red face Who can replace you? Love while you are young, dearest one? It's a long way to go. Let's be together. I want to sing to you while you are young. Flowers are blooming like flowers. Decorate your years. Who can replace you? Love while you are young, dearest one? It's a long way to go. Let's be together. I sing to you. Give me your innocent smile. We should have it. Happy Happy Sunny Time I sing me to you touch you with my burning feelings how are you the years are worth remembering the shy red face of nostalgia we should have happy happy Sunny Time I sing me to you touch you with my burning feelings how are you the years are worth remembering the shy red face of nostalgia who can replace you love while you are young dearest It's a long way to go. Let's be together. The song has been ringing until the sky is shining. Outside the window, there begins to be the throbbing sound of the crowd. Duan Wenxi keeps the same posture and sinks into the sofa. She is like a static statue. When the sun shines in, she turns off the music and gets dressed to go to work. Maung Chu stayed for two or three days and was very satisfied with Fan Huaiyuan's arrangement. At the same time, he saw the power of Zhongxing. He knew that Fan Huaiyuan and Zhongxing's names were not false on the road. When they met again, they were naturally much more polite. At that time, Fan Huaiyuan did not take it seriously. He was still in a normal state. He was not in a hurry to talk about the deal. He only asked whether the residence was comfortable and whether the accompanying girl was acceptable. On the contrary, Maung Chu lost his cool and got down to business: "Brother Fan is so polite. I also tell the truth. It's no problem to give you the goods. But now the market is not good at the previous price. But I,touch screen board classroom, Maung Chu, am not the one who starts from the ground. I have made it clear to your people that the price has risen by 30%. In this way, I can explain it to the people below." 。 hsdsmartboard.com