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Zong Yu lowered his eyes and shook off his hands coldly.

Zong Yu lowered his eyes and shook off his hands coldly. He took out a pen from the penholder and wrote slowly: "Prayer?" Just looking at these three words, Lian Qing guessed the meaning of Zong Kui. He nodded and said, "Yes, He Kui asked Princess Wenhe and His Royal Highness to recite the prayer of offering sacrifices to heaven. Few people know about this." "Press it down." Zong Yi pondered for a moment and continued to write. On the surface, if Xu Lin falls into the water seriously ill, Wen He is the biggest beneficiary, so this matter absolutely can not be spread out. The empress has personally concealed the matter, "Lian Qing has even known about it." So, General Zong, why are you concerned about this matter? Lian Qing suddenly fell into thinking when he saw Zong Kui. Zong Kui shook his head and motioned him not to ask more questions. He wrote down two words on the paper: "He Kui." "Check what?" Lian Qing does not understand its meaning, in addition to the prince who fell into the water is his student, what is not too much interest involved in this matter? Why did Zong Yan ask him to check the movements of He Yan? Zong Kui raised his eyes and looked at Lian Qing. His eyes were cold. Let him check it. Don't say much. Yes Lian Qing felt a chill at his feet and hurriedly saluted and went to carry out the order. When Wen He came to Xu Lin's East Palace today to help him recite his prayers, he always felt something was wrong. "Wen He made a particularly big sneeze and hurriedly gathered his cloak together, thinking that he would not be infected with the cold by Xu Lin, would he?"? She always felt that someone was speaking ill of her behind her back, and as she walked, she looked around warily. Making sure that no one was following him except his own maid of honor, Wen He walked into the East Palace. Having seen Wen He Gong, the guard at the door was about to call her loudly when Wen He immediately made a "shush" gesture to him not to make a sound. "The bodyguard could only salute silently and announce silently." Why be so careful, Princess Crane? Xiao Luan asked with some curiosity. It's just that you come to the East Palace to visit the prince, so you don't have to make too much publicity. Wen He did not tell his true purpose, but answered at will. As soon as he came to the bedroom where Xu Rin was resting, Wen He saw Xu Rin lying on the bed with his eyes closed. Suizhi, the companion, was taking a nap in front of the bed,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, and it seemed that he had stayed here all night. How is the prince? Wen He asked softly, hoping that Xu Rin would get better soon, and that she wouldn't have to come over every day to help him recite his prayers. I've slept all night and I haven't woken up yet. Suizhi said cautiously, rubbing his eyes, a little confused. I'll call him. Wen He stepped forward and shook Xu Rin's hand gently. His Royal Highness.. His Royal Highness. She called twice, Xu Rin then slowly opened his eyes, some dim eyes, it seems that after a night's rest, his condition has not improved at all. Wen He thought that there was still a part of the prayer that had not been recited, so he lowered his voice and said part of the prayer to Xu Rin. Xu Rin raised his eyebrows slightly and understood the meaning of Wen He. You go down first. He opened his mouth weakly and stood back. He looked at Xu Rin and asked curiously, "Your Royal Highness, there are still seven days left for the ceremony of offering sacrifices to heaven. It's hard for you to move a finger now. Can you get up then?" If he really can't, fake ficus tree ,silk ficus tree, then there's no need for Wen He to recite the prayer for him any more. He can only do it himself. It should be possible. How do you know if you don't try? Xu Lin struggled to sit up. Wen He hurriedly pushed him down, sighed and said, "Your Highness doesn't have to be so reluctant." "You're already a prince, so you don't have to be." So desperately. As much as the world expects of me, I want to do better than they expect. Xu Lin blinked and said softly. OK The crane shook his head and could only continue to say, "Then continue to recite the prayer." "There are nine tables and four tables, and all of them are in the chest, and all of them are in the common category." Wen He read softly. " …… "Xi Qing fame," Xu Lin repeated word by word after Wen He. Know the content of this prayer, in addition to himself and he, only Wen He, others are not qualified to know the content, so only Wen He can help him recite. A day has passed, smell crane gently sniffed, stood up to say goodbye: "Your Royal Highness, in three days will be able to recite all finished?" Xu Rin nodded: "Yes." He paused for a moment and then said, "I won't tell anyone that you taught me to recite the prayer." Wen He, of course, did not want others to know about it. First, if he knew that Xu Rin had time to recite the prayer, he was afraid that he would get in the way. Second, she declared that she would not recite it. For several days in a row, Wen He ran to Xu Rin's East Palace, and she felt increasingly haggard, more tired than Xu Rin, who was ill in bed. Today is the third day, Wen He finally completed the task, just relieved. Before going to bed, she drank several mouthfuls of water, and repeated her prayers over and over again these days. Her voice was a little hoarse, and it was hard for her to speak. Wen He put the teacup on the table, climbed into bed, pulled the quilt to his chest, closed his eyes, and felt a little relaxed. The pot presided over by the ceremony of offering sacrifices to heaven was finally thrown to Xu Rin completely, and she was very happy. Just as Wen He was about to fall asleep and fall into a deep sleep, he suddenly heard a clear knock coming from the window not far away. Knock knock knock- "The sound of knocking on the window was so steady that Wen He immediately opened his eyes.". As a result, Wen He once again remembered the fear of being visited by three assassins in the Butterfly Palace. The crane listened again. The knock was clear but not loud. She was sure it was not a hallucination she had heard. She jumped out of bed neatly, picked up a vase from the tea table, and made up her mind to open the window and knock on the vase when she saw someone. Wen He hid the heavy vase behind him. As soon as he opened the window, he pulled the vase out like lightning and was about to smash it down. Then she found that the vase was firmly caught,faux ficus tree, and she could not smash it down. The smell crane opened his eyes wide, fixed his eyes on it, and finally saw clearly who was coming. hacartificialtree.com