Devil Prince's Smiling Angel

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He began to pick up the garbage all over the floor and began to tidy up the dormitory

He began to pick up the garbage all over the floor and began to tidy up the dormitory that had not been tidied up for a long time. I'll do it. Summer is like the master, familiar into the sundry room, familiar began to tidy up around. Sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, washing clothes, at this time, Xia is no longer like the elegant young lady, but like a girl who works at home. Ok Clap your hands and wash again, and what you see in front of you is a neat and clean dormitory. You're good. Ouyang Haoxuan looked at summer skillfully doing these jobs, can not help but feel surprised, "a big lady will do so much housework, not simple." Ouyang Haoxuan export appreciation. In the Xia family, no matter boys or girls, they not only learn how to manage a company from an early age, but also learn to do housework and be a person who takes both inside and outside into account. Xia looked at the time. It was 6:00. "Well, what do you want for dinner?" Ouyang Haoxuan was even more surprised, "can you still cook?" Xia nodded, "Yes." "Just do whatever you want. I don't care." Ouyang Haoxuan seems a little do not believe in the ability of summer, dare not order, only let summer do at will. Ten minutes later, Xia brought out a variety of dishes one after another: Main meal: Fried chicken steak with lavender, fried T-bone steak with red wine Side meal: Asparagus roll with bacon, shrimp wrapped in Thai bay leaves Drink: Red wine Dim sum: Orange and lemon pudding, sweet egg soup with white fungus These foods have been cooked by the rain, and even are exactly the same! Ouyang Haoxuan stared at the dishes in front of him. Rain can do this, too, you? Ouyang Haoxuan exit to ask the reason. Xia Weiwei nodded, "We two learned together, and then shared our experiences, so we will, and through our efforts together, make these dishes change and make them more perfect. The dishes in the menu that the rain took out during the old lady's test were all made and photographed together." Ouyang Haoxuan surprised looking at the summer,ultrasonic handheld welder, "so you are so powerful." After that, I began to think about the rain again. All right, let's eat. More wonderful books are The sixth chapter of the main text is the parting ball of 21 grams. After dinner, Ouyang Haoxuan and summer went into their own bedroom, did not come out. The next day, time went by like running water. There seemed to be nothing special, and the only surprising news was that it was time for Xia to go. Everyone was surprised that they had only stayed in this school for less than two days and were leaving! "Well.". How can that be? One man heard the news and began to complain. The crowd nodded in agreement, "We haven't gotten along with Xia yet." "It's a pity that this beautiful woman Xia is going to leave like this!" "Well, that's true." While everyone was complaining, Xia suddenly appeared on the TV screen of every class. Xia bowed slightly, "I'm sorry, everyone, because of some things in the company, so I can't stay here any longer.". I am sorry, I have no way, 2 days of time, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, get along with you, let me very happy, thank you! There's a dance tonight at 21g. Welcome, everyone. Remember, be there at 6:00 on time. It's night. '21 Grams' inside the ball has begun, they are not like before the ball around Chen Zihan and Ouyang Haoxuan, but around the summer, and Chen Zihan, also like happy to entangle Ouyang Haoxuan, but also very jealous summer can get the support of the people, and at the beginning around his side, now no one left. Chen Zihan was angry again. He took out his cell phone and dialed her father Chen Yanlin's phone. "Dad, you come to my school immediately. I'm wronged. You have to get justice for me." Chen Zihan's sweet voice makes Ouyang Haoxuan creepy, Ouyang Haoxuan disgusted to shake off Chen Zihan's hand wrapped around his arm, indifferent out of the '21 grams'. Chen Yanlin on the other end of the phone was angry because he heard that his daughter had been wronged. He always doted on his baby daughter and could not let her suffer a little grievance, so he immediately took his wife out and rushed to Xianjian Academy. Baby girl, baby girl, Dad's here. Where are you? Chen Yanlin called Chen Zihan in 21 grams. Dad, you're finally here! Chen Zihan's sweet voice sounded again. God. Goose bumps all over the floor. Chen Zihan shook Chen Yanlin's arm, "Dad, I know you are the best, someone bullied me, you have to get justice for me!" Baby daughter, who bullied you? Mom will get justice for you. Chen Zihan's mother was burning with anger. She! Chen Zihan pointed in the direction of Xia. Baby girl, which one is it? Looking at the dark crowd, Chen Yanlin did not know who Chen Zihan was referring to. Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Chen Zihan rudely drove around Xia's crowd. Very not easy to walk to the side of the summer, Chen Zihan began to get angry, "you bitch, dare to steal my limelight!" Chen Zihan raised his hand again, ready to give Xia a slap, and Xia caught her hand again, so easily. Because Chen Zihan did not hit Xia, he began to ask his parents for help, "Mom and Dad, you see, this bitch bullied me!" "Who are you to bully our Chen family?" Chen Yanlin and his wife also began to stretch out their hands, ready to play Xia Xiyu. Xia Xiyu looked at them coldly, "I advise you to ask who I am before you fight." "Well, we won't beat you first. Tell me who you are!" Chen Yanlin put down his hand and asked Xia loudly. Wei Jinyuan, who had been gloating, ran out of the crowd, "She is Xia, the current chairman of Xianjian Advertising Company!" "What?!" Chen Yanlin looked at Xia in disbelief, thinking that he had provoked a very big man. Xia: Great, Dad, don't we cooperate with Xianjian Advertising Company? Do not cooperate, see how they do business, let Xianjian Academy fall. Chen Zihan felt as if he had come up with an idea very cleverly. You shut up! Chen Yanlin was angry like Chen Zihan for the first time, and then turned to Xia, "Xia Dong, I'm sorry,ultrasonic dispersion machine, my woman is not appreciative, you forgive her, I will teach her a good lesson when I go back!" 。