Piracy Myth of Online Games

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Lu Xuehan said, "Will it be hidden under the king's dragon bed?"?

Lu Xuehan said, "Will it be hidden under the king's dragon bed?"? Important things will only be hidden in that place. Xinyu immediately chuckled and said, "Xuehan, you think too pure. How could the king hide such a deadly thing on the bed?"? He hides a naked beauty on his dragon bed. I believe it's impossible to hide the king's token! "Where would that be." Xu Lin said, "It should be in the hands of the most powerful NPC. Do you want to find a NPC like the general of the city?" I said, "Please, they have a lot of troops in their hands. Maybe they are looking for us everywhere now. It's better for us to send them to the door by ourselves.." "Then what to do." Xu Lin also had no idea. Then Murong Shanshan suddenly said, "Why don't you catch someone and ask him?"! Since we entered the city, the NPC inside began to speak Chinese, communication is certainly not a problem. Everyone immediately agreed, immediately, the next process is who to catch this NPC, almost everyone looked at me, Xu Lin also said: "Lin Fan, you will not let us a few fragile girls to catch people?" I was speechless. I immediately cast my eyes on Murong Shanshan and said, "This is Shanshan's idea. You have to act with me.." Murong Shanshan readily agreed and went straight to the back garden with me one after the other. A maid of honor was flirting with goldfish by the pond. She was very happy. Murong Shanshan and I hid behind the garden stone. I said, "Why don't you pull this woman over and ask her?" Murong Shanshan immediately objected: "She is just a little maid of honor, not a favorite concubine or something like that. Do you think she can know where such an important thing as the King's Token is?" "Maybe she had an affair with the king, and it was possible for her to get the secret of the bed when she was lucky?" "Well, you go and catch it." "I'd better not. Find another one!" So around the courtyard, in the courtyard of another courtyard,ultrasonic cutting machine, I saw two chamberlains molesting a very coquettish maid of honor. The maid of honor looked like a standard Indian woman. Her skin was a little black and shiny. She had a good figure, protruding forward and backward. I put my arm around Murong Shanshan's shoulder and hid behind the small bamboo grove and said, "Is that all right?"? Two chamberlains and a maid of honor, there must be someone who knows the inside story, right? Murong Shanshan said with an expressionless face, "Please, those are two little eunuchs. I don't know why they molested the maid." Anyway, this is not good,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, even if you want to find a eunuch, you have to find a manager or something like that, that can still have a chance. I can not help but speechless, the requirements are too high, these days it is easy to find a department manager, the whole manager and manager of people in suits and leather shoes all over the street, but I am afraid it is difficult to find a eunuch manager. Holding Murong Shanshan's little hand to play around in the palace courtyard, this feeling is also good. Murong Shanshan is also very interested, saying: "The scenery here is very similar to Suzhou gardens. Do people in India have such a high taste of life?" I shook my head and said, "I don't know. My knowledge of India is limited to yoga, women, holy water and elephants.." “……” The guards in the palace probably had to resist the invasion of the bloody sky, so there was basically no defensive force inside. Murong Shanshan and I turned around for nearly half an hour, and finally found a knight armed in armor in a courtyard. It looked like his rank was not low. The equipment was very bright and royal. Murong Shanshan did not wait for me to ask questions and said, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, "Just him. I'll be ready to do it later. I'll go out and fight with him directly. You sneak around and wait for an opportunity to subdue him!" I reacted quickly and quickly entered the state of stealth. Murong Shanshan walked out with her sword arrogantly. As soon as the knight saw it, he exclaimed: "Who are you? You broke into the palace wantonly. I want to take your life to ask the king for a reward!" With that, he pulled out his epee and rushed up, raising his hand to cut Murong Shanshan with a sword. The little beauty could not dodge, so she had to use the psychic sword to block it, only to hear a crisp sound, not surprisingly, the knight's sword was broken, and the god-level weapon really deserved to be the terminator of low-level weapons! After the knight's weapon was broken, he was just a little flustered, and then he waved his fist to seize the white blade empty-handed. Murong Shanshan was naturally not happy, so the knight's hands were immediately scrapped, and he finally could not help but let out a scream. When I saw that the time was ripe, I immediately pressed him down, twisted his injured arms behind his back, and pushed him down to the ground. Murong Shanshan hurriedly said: "gently, gently, don't kill it." The knight was ashamed and asked angrily, "Who are you and what do you want to do?" I asked bluntly, "Where is the king's token hidden? If you don't say it, I will kill you immediately!" "You kill me, and I won't say anything." The knight answered proudly. Murong Shanshan suggested: "Lin Fan, why don't we carve a turtle on his face with a knife, and then wash it with magic potion? Hehe, I will follow him all my life." ***, what a poisonous little woman ~ ~ but I like it! So I agreed, and the knight said indignantly, "You bastards, God will punish you!" Still no effect, so I said: "Shanshan, it is better not to draw a turtle, my painting is not good, afraid of affecting the appearance of the city, or, write two words up, write'eunuch 'two words, how?"? Oh, no, it seems that my writing is not good-looking, in case I write like a turtle. Murong Shanshan immediately clapped her hands and said, "It's not bad to write like a tortoise. Anyway, the final destination is the same. We reach the same goal by different routes." The knight shed tears of humiliation and said, "The king's token is on the Seven Stars Tower, hidden in the statue of the mighty general!" Murong Shanshan and I looked at each other with a knowing smile and succeeded! So he tied the knight to a stone with the rattan in the inner courtyard, finished it, clapped his hands, and went back to send a text message to Xu Lin and others to go to the Seven Star Tower. Murong Shanshan and I also rushed over directly. The Seven Star Tower,ultrasonic cutting machine, marked on the small map, is located in the center of the palace, which is equivalent to the altar of heroes. 、。 fycgsonic.com