Kill star boy-Cao Ruobing _ txt novel paradise

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Mai Liangyu jumped up and said, "I'll go!" With the tiny voice, he was like a ghost floating in the air, and in the blink of an eye, the figure had disappeared, only to see all the people in the room stunned.

Mai Liangyu jumped up and said, "I'll go!" With the tiny voice, he was like a ghost floating in the air, and in the blink of an eye, the figure had disappeared, only to see all the people in the room stunned. It was so dark that I couldn't see my hand! The silent fragrance of flowers has been sleeping in dreamland! The image of a man rushed into a house like a gust of wind. The two men in black dozed off in the night wind, and the shadow flashed past them. Poor, the two night watchmen didn't even notice! Knock, knock, knock! Just after the third watch, the sound of drumming came in the night! The shadow suddenly stopped by the threshold and stood still. He seemed to hear the sound of footsteps coming in. He jumped and landed in the dark corner. He saw two men with swords on their backs, walking around. They found the night watchman dozing, so they kicked him, and the night watchman woke up in panic! The night watchman scolded a few times and went away laughing! The dark shadow was bold and bold, and his body had shot into the hall with a bow. He walked quietly from the left side of the long outline, and he stopped deeply between the window lattices of the painted columns and carved pillars. There was a clear yellow light in the window lattice, and with the light slanting, a young woman with a glittering complexion was washing her body in the bathtub! The shadow flashed back. He did not want to peep at the beautiful scene of the woman's bath, but he suddenly noticed a drunk coming here askew! The young woman in the room seemed to have heard the man's voice and cried, "Is it a dead ghost?" Dead ghost? There is a man in the world who is called a dead ghost,stesweet stevia, unless he is! "Jin Cui," said the man, "you can't wait!" The young woman spat and covered herself with a bath towel. "I've been waiting for you for a long time, Zhu Biao," she said in a sweet voice. "If I wait for that old ghost to come back.." Zhu Biao laughed and said, "Jin Cui, don't worry. Even if you drag him to bed tonight, he won't be in the mood. Hey!"! "Hey!" "Why is that?" Asked Jin Cui in surprise. Pointing at Jin Cui,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, Zhu Biao said, "You women only know how to throw yourself on the bed and show off to men. I tell you, Jin Cui, the old boy Hong Hu is frightened out of his wits tonight. I heard that the master is very angry. He must look for yuan Qiaoniang's body!" Then he pushed the door into the room and teased Jin Cui. "What's the matter with her, yuan Qiao-niang?" Asked Jin Cui. Zhu Biao said, "She has been executed by the master. The strange thing is that her body suddenly disappeared. The master lost his temper. If Lan Xiaoxing hadn't caught one back, the master wouldn't have calmed down!" "Who did you catch?" Asked Jin Cui. The shadow seemed to shake and listened attentively. Zhu Biao thought for a moment and said, "My surname seems to be Rui." "My surname is Rui," said Jin Cui. The shadow smiled coldly and said, "Jin Cui, you remember correctly. His surname is really Rui." He hid in the dark, suddenly opened his mouth to speak, immediately Zhu Biao and Jin Cui were frightened, to know that they were doing something shameful, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,ghana seed extract, they thought it was an extreme secret, tonight they were suddenly caught by others, the mood was really hard to describe, two people were so surprised that their hands and feet were weak, almost kneeling down. Zhu Biao sobered up and said in a trembling voice, "Who are you?" "Don't care who I am," the shadow said coldly? I just want to ask you a few questions! "What's your purpose?" Said Zhu Biao. "Please don't hesitate to open your mouth. In order to avoid trouble, I may take some risks and solve the problem for you." This man is somewhat self-aware and crisp. "Very good," said the shadow. "Then I'll ask you for a little help." "Go ahead, go ahead," said Zhu Biao. ” The shadow's eyes were as cold as water. "I only want someone named Rui," he said. "Do you want to save people?" Asked Zhu Biao. The shadow nodded and said, "Yes, my friend, you are very clever." Zhu Biao shook his head: "Friend, you will be disappointed if I say it!" The shadow said, "Will you?"? I'd like to hear it! Zhu Biao said, "I heard that the man surnamed Rui has something to do with a man surnamed Mai. The master of the gate specially told the man of Jincui to guard him strictly and not to lose anything." The shadow said, "The man of Jincui?" "Hong Hu!" Said Zhu Biao. "It's not difficult," said the shadow lightly. "As long as you say you have something to look for, you can lead him out and leave the matter of saving people to me.." Zhu Biao shook his head and said, "Hong Hu and I have always been at odds. He won't talk to me." "Of course," said the shadow disdainfully, "if you rape your wife, don't expect others to be nice to you." Embarrassed, Zhu Biao gave a wry smile. The fierce light in his eyes suddenly flashed and his foot flew out. The distance between the two sides was too close. He thought he was absolutely safe. But he miscalculated. The man in front of him was too strong and powerful. He heard the shadow sneer: "Zhu Biao, you should ask me who I am first." With a bang, Zhu Biao was kicked to the ground and could not stand up in pain. "Yes, I should have asked you first," said Zhu Biao in a trembling voice. "My surname is Mai," said the shadow. "Your master has the biggest headache." "Mai Liangyu!" Said Zhu Biao in a trembling voice. Mai Liangyu laughed and said, "Yes, you finally know me!" "I'll take you to the dungeon, Master Mai," said Zhu Biao in a trembling voice. Zhu Biao, who dared to speak again, explained a few words to Jin Cui and led Mai Liangyu to the dungeon! Two pine oil torches were burning and smoking, which made the dark and wet dungeon more gloomy and horrible. Several prisoners kept walking, watching every dark corner, lest someone should come in! A big iron gate separates the place from the outside world! "Knock!" A series of knocks spread quickly into the prison, and a man in black shouted impatiently to the outside: "Who?" "Is that brother Wang Tianfa?" Someone shouted? I'm Zhu Biao! "Why did you come here tonight, you drunken cat?" Said Wang Tianfa. "Don't mention it, Brother Tianfa," said Zhu Biao. "I'm not very lucky tonight. I've lost all my money. I want to find a place to spend it." Wang Tianfa opened the door gently and said, "You can come in,akba boswellic acid, but you can't rush in." Only then did Zhu Biao step in. Wang Tianfa saw a strange young man following him. He was stunned and asked, "Who is he?" The boy laughed and said, "I and Hong Hu are good friends." 。