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Zijia immediately stopped him. "Don't be boring for me. If someone wants to talk to me, I will naturally weigh the importance and act according to reason.

Zijia immediately stopped him. "Don't be boring for me. If someone wants to talk to me, I will naturally weigh the importance and act according to reason. If someone doesn't mention me, he may have left me behind. Why should I be annoying?" "She'll forget you, won't she?" Yi Lian doesn't believe it. Zi Jia patted Yi Lian on the shoulder. "Look at you. She has almost no memory of Zhang Tianhe, let alone me." Yi Lian: The Japanese saying is brought up again, "Oh, it is better to raise a thousand troops than to raise a play." "Even if she comes to us again, don't be surprised, because we're probably still useful." Yi Lian suddenly smiled, "human feelings are so sophisticated, is there any happiness?" Zi Jia attached great importance to this question. She thought about it for a while before she answered, "No, it's not happy to expect things like God.". However, it is not unhappy to know the world early and have a well-thought-out plan, and it will no longer suffer losses. She put on her coat and went to Wuhu Company to meet the new boss. The other side is a foreigner, very young, surnamed Arthur, but a standard Queen's English, very rare. Zijia likes to do things for foreigners, just like some people's mentality of emigrating to foreign countries. Everything starts from scratch and the past is written off. Foreigners don't know so much about the past, so it's easy to perfunctory and do things well. Besides, when Arthur was in his thirties and came to the colorful Oriental metropolis, he did not know how many things to do. Even if he was smart,pump tube, he would stop after work and would not be as pious as the old man. Zijia felt relieved. She told him that she might bring an assistant. He had no objection. Visited everywhere, the structure is about the same; the Japanese company is not much different. Arthur sent Zijia to the elevator lobby and said leisurely, "I heard that Zhang Jun, the boss of Jinxing Company, is very reluctant to let you go." Zi Jia immediately cursed in his heart which ear to play the role of traitors, busy in front of foreigners to gossip about new colleagues. Smiling on the surface, Zijia replied, "The Chinese custom is that if a waiter wants to leave,eye cream packaging tube, he must show his reluctance to leave."! They value friendship day by day and seldom make a real statement to drive people away. Arthur was quite satisfied with the answer. As soon as they hear the strange customs of the Chinese, they can accept anything strange. See you on the first of next month. Zijia shook hands with him to say goodbye. Turning around, I saw a smiling face, who, in the end is which good man, people have not arrived, gossip has arrived, and, people have gone, still rumors. There are such people everywhere. It is never too old to talk and never too old to live. This kind of battle will be fought until we are old. Zi Jia to this time, can not help but think of Zhang Tianhe's words. What he said is that it is better to be cooked than to be raw. I don't know if Che Rongrong thinks so. Coincidentally, the telephone on the bus rang at this moment. "Is that you, Miss Tseng?" Asked Che Rongrong in her sweet voice. After several hours of dealing with strangers, Zijia was quite disappointed. Suddenly, when she heard the voice of her own people, she couldn't help sighing, plastic cosmetic tubes ,cosmetic plastic tube, "Rongrong, how are you? Have you broken up yet?" "I just want to have tea with you." "Great, the usual place." "I can be there in ten minutes." "Have you contacted Zhang Tianhe?" After all, it's the old boss. You can't be too rude. "Yes, Miss Tseng, I was scolded." Zeng Zijia smiled, "meet and talk about it in detail." Zijia parked the car and walked into the coffee room, only to see that Che Rongrong was waiting for her, probably suffering a little setback in the new place. When she saw Zijia, she held hands like a relative and could not speak for a long time. Zi Jiaman thought that she had flown to the branches and no longer had time to think of them, but she was a little surprised. As soon as he opened his mouth, he said, "I don't understand what they say." "Don't be afraid. Yi Lian has found a movie dictionary for you and memorized it. What montage?". Fade out and fade out. Cut them in, cut them out, throw them. "The hero can't even look at me." "It's normal that he wants to give you a blow." "I won't know how much you and Yi Lian treat me until this time." Zi Jia was stunned, but he was a little touched. There were not many people who could know what was good or bad. Miss Tseng, I.. I'm afraid I can't do it. I want to terminate the contract. I don't want to do it. When Zijia heard this, she couldn't help laughing. Are you laughing at me? You're not like that. Why do you laugh at me? "I quit has become your mantra, and it doesn't seem very honorable." Rongrong lowered her head, "I know.". " "Walls have ears, so that people hear, only when you have no ambition, spread to the director's ears, afraid that he will lose heart." Rongrong helpless, "how should I express?" "Show your sincerity. Like a Japanese, you hit him on the chest and painstakingly say," Yes! " "Isn't that like acting?" "Well, you're obviously in the theatre, and you don't treat life as a stage, okay?" Rongrong did not speak. After a while, she suddenly withdrew and said, "Miss Tseng, please continue to give me some advice." Zijia smiled, "I will leave Jinxing Company next month, and you are no longer my responsibility." Rongrong was taken aback, as if she had lost her support in an instant. After a while, she said, "Miss Tseng, we are still friends. Will you give me advice if necessary?" "If you need it, of course." Rongrong calmed down. "Thank you." "This transition period will take some time to get used to, and then you will feel like a fish in water." I will never forget you. They all say that, and they will forget about it afterwards. It is said that the most powerful computers also have the function of automatically erasing their memories. Otherwise, most of the data will be overloaded. Miss Tseng, I really didn't expect you to leave Zhang Tianhe. Zijia doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Rongrong, you need to make this clear. I'm leaving Jinxing Company, not Zhang. Don't engage in personality cult." "It's all the same." Rongrong can't see the difference. No, it's absolutely different. The confusion will have a great impact on my reputation. I won't have to go anywhere then. "You see how good Yi Lian is. She'll never have to change jobs." "Yes, Yi Lian has her own way." Rong Rong says suddenly: "The fish is too big, it is not happy event instead." "What did you say?" "My aunt is a little superstitious. A few days ago, she went to calculate the fleeting time for me. She came up with two sentences,empty cosmetic tubes, saying that the fish is big and solid, and the boat is small and weak." "Oh, the boat must not be overloaded!" "Rongrong worried he said:" This is not to describe me? 。