Hui Jian Xin Mo-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise

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"Thank you for your kindness," said Tie Zheng. "But if we lose this car, the family will blame us. You'd better give your names first.

"Thank you for your kindness," said Tie Zheng. "But if we lose this car, the family will blame us. You'd better give your names first. The man stared and said, "What for?" Tie Ning said with a smile, "lest we kill the wrong person." "What a big breath, you callow baby!" The man shouted angrily! If I don't kill you, will you kill me? Tie Ning said, "If you don't rob us, how can we kill you?" "Well," said the man angrily, "I wanted to spare your three lives, but now I can't." As soon as the man made a move, the soldiers swarmed up behind him, surrounded the car, and were about to start. "Wait a minute!" Cried Tie Zheng! To be honest with you, I want your general name, which is also a good intention. It's not difficult for you to get this car. Sign up. If you are good friends, you can give it to you. Tie Zheng grew up in a small green forest, and he was familiar with the idioms of the underworld, so although he had no experience at all, he spoke in the tone of an old Jianghu. The younger man was a little surprised and uncertain. "Brother," he said in a whisper,plastic packing tube, "I'm afraid these dolls have a little history. Do you want to find out before you start?" Do the double eye of the elder brother to roll, "hum": "Second child, you are very muddleheaded! Can you still do it if you figure it out? Only then was the younger brother suddenly enlightened and thought to himself, "Yes, these three children dare to escort a cart of gold and silver. Their families, of course, have a lot of connections.". If the inquiry is clear, there are scruples. "Let's just pretend we don't know and move." These two brothers are the newly rising figures in the green forest. They are bold and bold. They specialize in big cases. They make up their minds and don't care about black eating black. At that moment,plastic laminated tube, the two men pulled out their weapons, and with a whistle, they wanted to rob the car. Just then, someone shouted, "Boss, do you want to monopolize Leopard Hill?" The fast horse flew, and the man came with the sound. He was a black man with a face like the bottom of a pot, followed by a group of soldiers. The number of people was more than that of Leopard Gang. The man, who was called "Brother Spot", frowned and said, "Brother Shuai, you are late. It's supposed to be first come, first served, but for the sake of our friendship, let you take 30%! It seems that he has some scruples about this handsome man. The handsome black man was furious and said, empty lotion tubes ,custom cosmetic packaging, "The rule of the underworld is that everyone has a share. Why do you want 70%?" This man's "seniority" in the green forest is quite deep, knowing that the Bancroft brothers are skilled, but he is not willing to suffer a little. The class boss said coldly, "I'll give you 40% at most. If you don't want to stop, my partner will nod." The "incision" and "buddy" in the underworld refer to the weapon in hand. As soon as the handsome man thought that 40% was already good, he couldn't swallow it. Just as he couldn't make up his mind, Tie Zheng crouched on the roof of the car and suddenly stood up and said, "Don't quarrel.". Is this the commander in chief of the Black Tiger Stronghold, Waxiong? These two must be Ban Biao and Ban Kunzhong from Baozigang? It doesn't matter if you want my chariot, but you have to leave your weapons and let me take them back. It turned out that Shuai Wanxiong had attended the Green Forest Conference in Funiu Mountain five years ago, and Tie Zheng knew his name. At that time, he followed the crowd to elect Tiemole as the leader of the alliance, but later he obeyed Tiemole's orders in public but not in private. He only knew how to bully the weak and ride roughshod. The name of the ban brothers, is the south summer thunder and he said, the south summer thunder said that a few newly rising, black and white both do not sell accounts of the characters, the ban brothers are two of them, more difficult to deal with than Shuai Wanxiong. As soon as Shuai Wanxiong heard this "still wet behind the ears" doll, he revealed their origins. He was shocked and asked, "Whose child are you?" Before he had finished speaking, he heard a strange man laugh and say, "Shuai Wanxiong, you are a senior in the green forest. Don't you even know the young master of your alliance leader?" The laughter was like a clash of metal, so harsh that it seemed to come from a distance, but the figure had not yet arrived. "This man's skill is not weak," said Tie Zhengxin. How do you know my identity? Shuai Wanxiong's face changed color and he said, "Grandpa, are you here too?"? Why, is this boy the son of Tiemole? Of course, he was surprised by the news brought by this man, but he was also greatly surprised by the sudden arrival of this man. Just a few words of time, only to hear the sound of "Ding Ding" a few iron sticks touching the ground, the uninvited guest is already into the circle surrounded by thieves. Tie Zheng fixed his eyes on it and saw that it was a bald old man, but it was not necessarily older than Shuai Wanxiong. I don't know why Shuai Wanxiong regarded himself as the younger generation and called him "the old man". It turned out that the bald old man was a big black and white devil named Bu Chou Tian. He had suffered some setbacks when he was young and had been silent for twenty years. He came out of the mountains a few years ago. He was a loner in Jianghu. He was ruthless and moody. If anyone meets him when he is unhappy, he will suffer. In terms of age, he is less than sixty, in fact, he is two years younger than Shuai Wanxiong. But Shuai Wanxiong was afraid of him, and in order to please him, he did not hesitate to regard himself as a junior, and always called him "old man" when he met him. Bu Qiutian beat down his iron staff and said with a pair of white eyes, "That's right. These two dolls are the children of Tiemole, and the dead father of that doll is Zhan yuanxiu. Why, are you afraid?"? Do you dare to do it? If you dare not do it, just go with your tail between your legs and don't get in my way here. Ban Lao rushed up and said to himself, "Although your surname is Bu, we brothers may not lose to you even if we join hands." Then he said coldly, "It doesn't matter whether it's Iron Mollet or Bronze Mollet. Our brothers don't regard him as the leader of the alliance. We don't have to be afraid of anyone."! This ticket of property belongs to us. I'm sorry. We're sure to eat this steamed bread! The implication is that Bu Qiu Tian is not allowed to "eat black in black". Bu Qiutian looked askance and said with a sneer, "Very good,metal cosmetic tubes, very good.". I'm afraid this steamed bread is a little hot. I won't rob with you. If you can't eat it, I'll pick it up. All right, you two brothers go to eat steamed buns. I'll wait and see. 。