Oriental Shura

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"I'm sorry, I didn't want to, and I didn't think I'd use this on you, but you're getting emotional again, and I happen to be a person who likes to settle things peacefully, so I'll have to treat you with anesthetics first."

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to, and I didn't think I'd use this on you, but you're getting emotional again, and I happen to be a person who likes to settle things peacefully, so I'll have to treat you with anesthetics first." With an apologetic smile, Zhuo Ran took out the tranquilizer gun in his hand and explained. "I can't help it. I've already promised Qiao Ruo that this matter will come to a complete end today." The almost gun-like anesthetic theory, which also came from their resourceful friend J A, was said to be very effective. It could work in three seconds, make the whole body of the shot person stiff, and then fall to the ground in ten to fifteen seconds, with a time limit of up to five hours. He has always wanted to test the performance, and now that he has such a good opportunity, does he look like the kind of person who would miss it for nothing? "You lied to me.." McCann. Lian accused that what Zhuo Ran had just said was all lies. No! I'm not lying to you. What I just said is the truth. If you will calm down and listen to what your mother said about this, you will know that what I said is the truth. Zhuo Ran smiled. "My mother?" McCann. There was a touch of confusion on Lian's face, and his consciousness became more and more blurred. "Mrs. Lane, you can come out now." Zhuo ran raised his voice. In McCann. Before Liam lost consciousness, he saw his mother with a sad face, and suddenly realized that his mother seemed much older than the last time he saw her at his father's funeral. "Mom.." He cried out softly, then lost consciousness and fell to the ground and fainted. It was a busy day for Zhuo Ran. After receiving Mrs. Lane's almost sobbing apology, and finally having someone send her to McCann,plastic wheelie bins, who was unconscious. When Liam left, did he think his business was over? Not yet! Because he still has someone to deal with, and this person is none other than Ling Chengyun, who is almost forgotten in the corner. Ling Chengyun, is he still here?! It was a little weird, but he was still there, so he stayed where he was tied up. He didn't do it voluntarily,wholesale plastic pallet, but the whole thing went on and on, and no one could pay any attention to him at all. But to be honest, he himself was so dumbfounded by the series of developments that he almost forgot his predicament of being tied up and unable to move. I'm so sorry! It's a mess, and now I can help you untie the rope. As he untied him, Zhuo Ran smiled gracefully, with an apology on his gentle face. With his hands free again, Ling Chengyun rubbed his wrists, moved his stiff muscles and bones, and then helped himself untie his feet. "Thanks." He stood up and whispered. "Don't say that. It's us who should be thanked. You worked very hard to help us save Joe. We should have come to say thank you a long time ago, but something has been delayed." Zhuo Ran politely added his belated thanks. "I just did what I had to do. She was the one I injured. Naturally, I should take care of her." Ling Chengyun does not want to write too much on this matter, because there is nothing to say, now he has given up. Can you not give up? When he saw with his own eyes how deeply the woman he loved loved another man, especially to the extent that he could completely ignore or even forget his existence, he was worried and concerned about the injury of another man. He really wanted to be free and easy and not care so much, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic bulk containers, but he couldn't, just couldn't resist the waves of sadness. Ling Chengyun walked silently towards the gate, wanting to leave, to leave all this, to leave the last intersection between him and the woman he loved, but when he reached the door, he suddenly stopped. After a long silence, he suddenly spoke. "Tell her I wish her happiness." "I will." Looking at his lonely and frustrated figure, Zhuo Ran smiled, did not expect things to go smoothly to this point. "And I won't disturb her life anymore." Leaving the last sentence, Ling Chengyun strode away. This time, Zhuo ran didn't even have time to say anything, so he could only use his happy mood to look at the back of Ling Chengyun's departure, and then couldn't help but start scoring for the incident. Peace level, 50 points. Treatment effect, 50 points. Total: 100 points! Uh. Well, let the law hall find out his private action plan, but also because of this was punched, this matter has to deduct 20 points, that leaves 80 points, but he also incidentally helped to solve the problem of Ling Chengyun in the way, this credit also has to add 20 points, so. He still got a hundred points! Such a conclusion, let Zhuo Ran mood happy to the extreme, is simply happy to can not be more happy. How interesting! At this point, things on Lv Chang's side came to an end, and he was finally able to concentrate on what he should do. Inadvertently, a lovely little face full of vitality appeared in Zhuo Ran's mind. Recalling that lively little face, for no reason, Zhuo Ran smiled, suddenly smiled, it was a kind of smile that made people nervous, just like a hunter's smile to take back the prey in the trap. Who will be his prey this time? I'm afraid no one knows the answer except him. The only thing that can be expected is that a wonderful hunting plan is about to begin. No! Don't.. "Ah Tong, Ah Tong?" After an almost screaming cry of fear, Qiao Ruo gasped from the nightmare, not daring to recall the nightmare full of blood and violence. What's the matter? Are you dreaming again? Lvtang, who was sleeping beside her, woke up, turned on the lamp, let the soft light fill the room, and looked at her with a worried face, completely wondering why she still had nightmares after two months? "Ah Tang.." She hugged him hard and felt his real presence. "Don't be afraid. I'm here, and I'm fine. Don't think about it." Kiss her heart fondly, he coaxed. "But I'm afraid, I'm so afraid.." Now, just thinking about it,euro plastic pallet, she couldn't help but start choking. "Promise me that there will be a next time, and you will never do anything to hurt yourself again!" The law hall sighed at the agreement she had made, not knowing how many times it was. Didn't I promise you? And many times. He reminded her. cnplasticpallet.com